There are so many things we want to share with you, but know we have a lifetime to do so. First, we want you to know that we admire you without even knowing you. We can’t imagine how hard this is for you to go through and we will never take that away from you. You are a strong, courageous person to consider this for your child. Already, we care about you and your well being just as much as we do our own family.

As you get to know us, you will see how important family is to both of us. We were raised in loving caring homes and, while we both have large extended families, this just means there is more love to go around.

Our Story

Our paths crossed during the summer of 2010 through unexpected interactions. We were formally introduced through mutual friends and were inseparable after that point. As we were dating, we really focused on becoming each other's best friend and we continue this each day. We are always providing love and encouragement to each other with the end goal that we are able to be the best we can be each and every day. We have become each other's support system and biggest cheerleaders. No obstacle is too large for both of us to overcome together.

We married in May 2013 and our first order of business was to start working on the family we have always wanted. Ever since we were children, we both dreamed of the day that we would be able to become parents and experience the greatest gift life has to offer.

Meet Brad (by Lindsey)

Brad is 35 and was born and raised in the small southwestern Kansas town of Holcomb and is the oldest of three boys. Growing up, Brad was very active in school activities, playing baseball as a child and football and golf in high school.  Once he joined the band, he found his love for the art of music.  When in school he learned the trumpet, saxophone, tuba, French horn, guitar, bass, and currently learning the violin. He has continued this passion still today as he has his instruments out and ready to play at any moment. There is always music playing at some place in the house.  He can't wait to share this gift with our future children!

After completing his degree in Communications from the University of Kansas, he joined a company providing HR services for small businesses. He is currently a service supervisor and has been with them for 10 years.

Meet Lindsey (by Brad)

Lindsey is 32 and was  born and raised in the small town in north central Kansas of Beloit. She is the younger sibling in her family, and has an older brother, Josh. She is really proud of the fact that she was raised in such a large, loving family. Her dad is one of 10 siblings and her mom is one of 6 siblings.

Lindsey is the oldest granddaughter on her mom’s side of the family. She was fortunate to have wonderful relationships with her grandmothers and, between them and her mom, they have shown Lindsey what it is like to love all that is around you and be fortunate for everything you have. This is a trait of hers that I love very much!

Lindsey went to a small Catholic school in her hometown and after she graduated she went to Kansas State University. After moving around the country a bit, she was able to finish her degree at the University of Phoenix in Business Management. Today, Lindsey works as a Project Manager at the same company as me. She has been there for 4 years and enjoys what she does. Her position provides her flexibility that allows her to maintain a great work-life balance.

What We Enjoy

We have developed a relationship that is based on humor, love and respect. Most of all, we enjoy being with each other and exploring our surroundings. We enjoy sports and going to professional baseball games, and supporting our favorite college teams. To help unwind, we enjoy watching movies and try to catch our favorites when they are in the theater. Last, we love traveling to learn first-hand about other cultures and to gain new experiences. When unable to travel, we visit local museums and the neat neighborhoods around us for this same purpose.

We live in a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom house that is close to everything in the metro area. We enjoy walking around the neighborhood and watching all children play with each other. Our large backyard is fenced in and we can't wait to add a swing set for our children.

Our Families

Between both of us we have a total of 19 Aunts and 13 Uncles and a total of 74 cousins (we won't even start trying to count up how many of their kids!).  Even though there are many cousins all over the country, we are still a close family by coming together often through family reunions and joining each other around the holidays.

While our extended family is large, our immediate family is close. Brad is the oldest of 3 boys and he enjoys being around his brothers and their families. His middle brother, Andy, and his wife are expecting a little one soon! His youngest brother, Doug, and his wife have 2 girls, Jaelynn and Jara. Right from the start, our child will have cousins that will love to play and grow up with them.

Lindsey is the youngest in her family and has an older brother, Josh. Josh works in the movie industry as a graphic artist. If you have watched a film with special effects recently, most likely you have seen his work. He is a great big kid at heart and loves being around and being a great role model for his younger cousins.

There is so much love to go around that we are certain that between both sides of the family, our children will get the love, support, and friendships needed to become eternally happy.

A few final thoughts …

Thank you for taking the time to read this and get to know us. We are excited at the chance of getting to know you too! If we would be able to parent your child, please know that we would give nothing but the most love possible. They would be the center of our universe and we will shower them with all the love and support that we have. 

We wish you the best through your journey and admire the strength you have by choosing this path. No part of this road is easy. The courage you are showing by pushing through this is nothing short of exceptional. Whichever path you decide or family you choose, please know that we will always be your biggest fan and supporter.