Hello from Jason, Jacki & Oliviah

First of all, Thank You for your consideration! A child is the most precious gift that God can give. It takes a very special person to be in your shoes.

Our journey together began in 2001 when we first met. Our courtship will always bring lots of fun memories. From road trips to camp outs to family visits for the holidays. We enjoy the outdoors, playing outside, walking the dog, camping, lots of family time with both of our extended families, as well as friends who we also consider family.

When Jason and I (Jacki) met I knew instantly that he would be in my life for a while. It was almost like fate. He was handsome, polite, hardworking, and very well rounded. He is such an honest man who would do absolutely anything for his family. I can say I have never met someone that loves me the way he does. One of his hobbies is going to the KC Repertory Theatre, which I had not ever done before. I loved that about him. He was introducing me to that artistic life and that was exciting to me. We still try to make a point to at least go to 'A Christmas Carol' every December. He also introduced me to camping. I had done some when I was younger but it wasn't something we did as a family all the time. Camping in the back yard was about what I could call camping. We try to camp during the summer and if we can break away in the fall for a weekend we will do it (as it is not so hot then). Camping is so much fun for us now that we have started our family. We try to plan a camping excursion that is half way for us all to have an extended weekend to catch up. I also enjoy singing and playing the piano, which I hope to one day teach my children if they are interested.

What I (Jason) admire in Jacki is that she is such a generous person. She truly is a social butterfly. There isn't anyone she cannot talk to when we are at parties, at the grocery store, camping, or just out running errands. I have seen her make many a person's day by simply complementing them on how she likes their hair, smile, dress, etc. I knew she was the one for me when we went hiking in Colorado. The hike was fairly challenging due to the steepness and the gear we were packing. She cried a few times, but never complained. She always has a smile and a great positive attitude. Truly a great partner as we travel through life.

Both of our families grew up in South Dakota. We lived 25 miles from each other growing up and have mutual friends but never met until we happened to run into each other in Kansas City. We still find that to be a crazy coincidence. We are both very family oriented and every opportunity we get to be with our families we do.



Jason loves to cook and Jacki loves to bake. We have both tried to keep some of our family traditions going. Every year at Christmas time Jacki, her mother and sister make a variety of goodies. From chocolate covered peanut butter crisp balls to party mix. Jacki loves to make cookies when given the chance. Jason is more of the cooker out of the 2 of us. He watched his parents make homemade breads and pastries. One tradition that his sister likes to keep is making Kouchen, a German pastry. A tradition we have recently started is the Hermann Missouri Christmas festival. This festival centers around German traditions including good food, crafts, singing Christmas carols, and family fun. Our parents are wonderful role models and love each and every one of their grandchildren with enormous hearts of love.

Our families are constantly growing. On Jason's side we have 11 cousins, where as, Jacki's side of the family as of right now has 1 with 2 on the way. The ages of all the kiddos range from as young as 9 months to as old as 10. We have a nice variety of personalities but no doubt an over abundance of love. One of our nephews is legally blind and he pulls his own weight just like all the other children. He can definitely hold his own. My sister is in a multiracial household so our nephew is biracial. None of the children see color. They only see a cousin. We try to instill this in our daughter as well. We would welcome any child into the family with open arms. The support and love is always there.

Much of our family still resides in South Dakota and Jason is a SDSU Jack Rabbit through and through. Jacki, on the other hand, finished her high school years in Columbia MO and is a proud Tiger. We really don't have much of a mascot war in our house but we both stand proud behind our teams. We unfortunately don't get to see our SD family near as much as we'd like to but we usually try to spend an extended time around holidays with them. An occasional camping trip to catch up gets squeezed in when time permits.

We are a family of 4 which includes our newly adopted dog, Remington. Our neighborhood is full of life with children riding their bikes, playing basketball, and just being outside enjoying the weather when it permits. Often you'll see our neighbors all coming out in the evenings to watch the children play and enjoy each others company. When we moved into our home this was one of the things we loved most and knew that this was a great atmosphere to raise our children in. So the dream to have children was on our minds immediately.

We were a bit older when we decided to start our family. Jacki was 32 and Jason was 33 when we had Oliviah. We have struggled from the start to expand our family. Having children is something that we both have looked forward to in life. Never in a million years would we have thought that this would be so hard. We both have a strong catholic upbringing so church and our relationship with God has always been an important aspect in our personal and family lives. This struggle has obviously brought about many questions and tears to the Big Man upstairs. We had tried naturally to become pregnant for about 8 months and after that, and being a bit older, we were recommended to visit with a Reproductive Endocrynologist to help us reach our dream. After 9 failed attempts at IntraUterine Implantations we chose to consider In Vitro Fertilization. This in itself is a roller coaster of emotions. Excited, scared, worried, hopeful.

We were blessed with our daughter in 2008. She was a fighter from the get go. She was the only egg to survive and keep maturing. Her personality exudes leadership and we love her little quirks. She is such a loving, nurturing little girl and full of life. Any chance she gets to help with her cousins she cannot jump fast enough. We can confidently say that she will be a wonderful big sister some day. She loves to help mommy and daddy with our daily chores (cooking, cleaning, watering the garden) and wants to be a big girl a little faster than we'd like. She loves to sing & dance, ride her bike, play soccer and just be silly. She is a very independent little girl. She often asks us when she will have a brother or sister and all we can say is 'we're working on it.'

We attempted another IVF treatment in 2010 which was unfortunately unsuccessful. We did have some eggs to freeze this round and, were once again hopeful to try again. We also did 2 rounds of 'thaw cycles' which 1 cycle was successful but ended when baby didn't develop. At that point we felt it best to stop all this stress that we were placing on each other and follow the Natural Family Planning method. We have done this for a year now and have had no luck. We know in our hearts there is an underlying problem. Instead of searching for an answer, we have been strongly led to the option of adoption.

We have discussed adoption for the past 2 years. After all the heart ache of the fertility treatments we have always felt this pull that adoption would be something we'd both love to have the opportunity to pursue. Again, life is so precious and if we are unable to bring another child into this world on our own, then we'd love to bring one into our family if given the chance. This is a huge sacrifice on your end. And to even be considered is not only an honor but one of the most unbelievable blessings one can offer. Please know that your child would be brought into a home of love and individualism. We strongly believe in being your own person. We have no colors in our home. We are all the same in the loving arms of the Lord.

Our families are both very loving as well. We have had nothing but support along our journey. As we've watched our siblings expand their families we can only hope that one day God's plan will expand ours as well.

As we understand, this will be the hardest decision that you will probably make. We want you to know that we will always try to keep open communication with you according to your comfort. If that is in the form of pictures or letters then we can provide that to you. We would never want to keep you from knowing how your angel is doing. We look forward to meeting you during your pregnancy.

Again, Thank you for your consideration!!!

Jason, Jacki, Oliviah, Remington