Hi! We’re Jamie, John, Angela and Sam.

While we might not know you yet, we appreciate you taking the time to learn a little more about us. Our family has been created through adoption, and there couldn't be anything more important to us in the whole world.

We know this must be a very difficult time for you, and we pray you are receiving help, love, and support from family and friends. As you make important decisions for yourself and for your little one, we hope this small glimpse into our family helps you to see how much we would love and cherish any child that comes to us. We look forward to an open adoption and to creating as much love and family as one child could ever want. No matter what path you choose, we hope you find peace and happiness in your decision.

Our Story

Our little family began in a rather unconventional way; at ages 24 and 27, we met grocery shopping! After less than a year of long-distance dating (Missouri and Utah), we were married March 24, 2006. Ten years later, we are still going strong. Some of our favorite things to do together as a couple, and now as a family, include traveling, playing games, spending time with our five Chihuahuas (yes, five!), going to Royals games, and enjoying the outdoors through biking, camping, and canoeing.

After about four years of marriage, we felt inspired to share our home and our love with children in the foster care system. We had also been trying to start a family of our own, and assumed these two exciting adventures would begin at the same time. However, just three days before our first foster daughter arrived, we were told we would never have children of our own. We were beyond heartbroken, but were blessed to begin on a path that has led us to help more than 16 children in foster care, two of which have become part of our forever family. We couldn’t imagine our life any other way now.

Angela and Sam

Angela (aka Ang) came to us at age 16 in October 2011, and was in need of a loving home. She quickly became part of the family, but it wasn’t official until after her 18th birthday on October 3rd, 2013. She currently lives in Platte City and is in school to become a nurse. Ang has a big heart and a kind, generous spirit. She is loyal and sweet, and loves being a big sister. She adores Sam and is with us often for family dinners.

Sam entered the picture at just six days old, and filled our hearts with joy as we were blessed to care for him and watch him grow. We spent an anxious year with a prayer in our hearts and our fingers crossed that he might someday be ours. Much to our delight, he was adopted on his 1st birthday, August 13th, 2015. Sam is a big ham, and just like his daddy, loves to make people laugh. Right now his favorite word is No. He loves to snuggle while we read to him, and to sit on the porch swing with his Momma and Daddy.

About John (told by Jamie)

I was first attracted to John’s confidence and sense of humor. John has the ability to bring life and energy and laughter into any situation, and our home is full of happiness because of him. He adores his children, and spends much of his free time playing with Sam. They love to wrestle and play rough (Sam is all boy!), and Sam absolutely lights up when he sees his daddy come home after work. John is a warm and patient father, and a loving spouse and provider. His work ethic has blessed our family so that I am able to stay home with Sam and play an active role in advocating for the children we foster. Marrying John was the best decision I ever made. The life we have made together, while not without its ups and downs, has been beautiful and fulfilling. We plan to grow old and gray together.

About Jamie (told by John)

Jamie is the love of my life. She is the most wonderful woman that I’ve met. We fit together so well and she is a great partner for me. The very first thing that attracted me to Jamie was her confidence. She is smart, funny, honest, assertive, and motivated. I love how she follows through with her goals, although it makes me feel like a slob sometimes.

As a mother, Jamie is warm and nurturing. Some of the happiest times in my life are watching her mother Sam. I love to see her just sitting in the rocking chair reading him a book. She loves to read to him. Sam will search through a huge stack of books that we have next to the chair and bring the book to her that he wants her to read. The he will get into her lap and snuggle with her while she reads it to him. For me, there’s not anything better in life than watching that scene. To see how much she loves on him makes me smile. She is so loving and patient as a mother. I happily look forward to spending my life with her and all of our children.

Our Families

We both come from very large families. John has five sisters, and Jamie has six brothers and a sister. Together we have 30 nieces and nephews. The majority of our extended family live in the Kansas City area, and Sundays and Holidays are almost always spent with this huge group. Our time together is full of friendship and laughter and noise, and we find joy surrounding ourselves with our loved ones.

Our Promise

Our home is a very happy and loving place, and we anxiously await a joyful addition. We hope for a large family someday, and can promise a home full of love and laughter and life. We’re also eager to develop and maintain a life-long relationship between our children and their birth families. We understand how important that bond can be, and we promise to foster that connection. We look forward to beginning this journey together.