About Us

John and Leza are a fun-loving couple hoping to add a bundle of joy to their family! Leza holds a Master's degree in Social Work from KU and is a proud Jayhawk that watches every basketball game! John is a former Marine and has spent the last 10 years in the civil service field trying to make his community better.

John enjoys doing different kinds of art. He has worked in stained glass, paint and charcoal and ink drawing. John enjoys reading. His favorite author is John Steinbeck. John also enjoys getting tattoos. He's fully sleeved on both arms and has collected art from some of the most talented artists in the KC area.

Leza is a beautiful and unique lady! She was raised in a military family and got to travel extensively throughout Europe as a young lady. She was actually born in Germany before moving back to the States a couple of months later. When she was in middle school she got to move back to Germany for a few years and had many amazing experiences. She learned to ski in the Italian Alps and visited more countries in Europe than she had visited states in the U.S.! Leza was very active in sports throughout her youth. She played volleyball and basketball in junior high and high school and went on to play basketball in college. She can still sink some awesome free throws and 3 pointers!

Leza has a very caring heart and is very compassionate. She has dedicated her entire adult life to helping those that are not capable of helping themselves. Leza is extremely close to her mother. They are best friends and speak to each other every day. Family is important to both John and Leza.

Interesting facts about John and Leza


When she was in high school, Leza took basketball lessons from a former Harlem Globetrotter!


John didn't fly on a plane until he was 24 years old. Since then he has flown around the world several times while in the military. He's been to Germany 4 times, Kuwait 4 times, Iceland, Canada, Ireland and Norway.

John and Leza

John and Leza are huge fans of the Blue Man group! They have seen them 3 times in 3 different cities. They have sworn to never pass up an opportunity to see them in the future!

John and Leza's adoption dreams and home life

Open adoption

John and Leza are hoping for an open adoption plan that is mutually beneficial to the baby, birth parents and them. John and Leza understand the benefits of an open adoption and want to share as much about the birth parents with the child as possible.

John and Leza's home

John and Leza live in a very nice suburban neighborhood in Johnson County, Kansas. Their home is on a tree lined street with sidewalks and plenty of kids. They are within walking distance of a grade school, junior high and high school. At the end of the street is a walking/cycling trail and a park.