Hi.. We are Nathan, Jennifer and Brayden.
We are so excited to grow our family through adoption again and for Brayden to be a big brother! Thank you for taking the time to review our profile and we hope you will feel the love and joy we have within our family. We have an amazing relationship with Brayden’s birthmother and we hope to have the same with you.

About Us

We have been married for 11 years. Nathan works as an Engineer and Jennifer works in Human Resources. We are super excited to add another child into our lives through adoption. We wanted to wait to adopt until we were ready financially, spiritually, and emotionally. We were blessed to be chosen by an amazing birth-mom a couple of years ago and we welcomed our son Brayden into our life. We have an open adoption with Brayden's birth-mom and we see her several times a year. We send her pictures throughout the year and keep in touch with her. We are truly ready to lovingly welcome another child into our family.

About Nathan (written by Jennifer)

We met in college and we worked together. The first time I met Nathan, I knew I liked him. Not only did I think he was cute, but I knew he was different. He had a great personality and the first time he asked me out he was so shy about it and I knew from this moment he had a huge heart. We dated for a few years before Nathan proposed. We had a traditional Catholic wedding with all our friends and family. Nathan has a very close set of high school friends who still get together and support one another through all major life changes. Nathan has a very loving family. His mom is a retired teacher and his dad retired from the same company he started at after college. He has one sister who is close to his age and we see several times a year as she lives a several hours away. His family has very strong values and his parents have been married for 38 years. His family is very excited to welcome another grandchild into their hearts and lives.

Nathan is a very patient and kind person. It may sound silly but he hugs me every day and tells me that he loves me. He has a strong faith and this was just one of the things that I fell in love with about him. He has so many amazing qualities and he is a great dad. I love to see him watch Brayden and be amazed each day with his development.

About Jennifer (written by Nathan)

The first time I saw Jennifer I was amazed with her beauty. I had to ask some of my co-workers who she was so I could introduce myself as quickly as possible. In getting to know her, I also quickly found that she is intelligent, thoughtful, and caring. Prior to our marriage, we lived four hours apart where we each worked, so we had to learn to communicate over the phone, which is sometimes quite difficult. This experience has taught us to talk through everything big or small and has helped us out tremendously as a couple. After getting married, I found out that I have the best in-laws a guy could ask for. They are a truly loving family and are very close with one another. I enjoy spending time with her family and they are looking forward to another grandchild. Most of Jennifer's extended family still lives within 15 minutes of where she grew up on their farm. It is neat to see the closeness of their family and how much involvement they have had in her life.

Jennifer continues to amaze me on a daily basis, even after being married for eleven years. She is a very thoughtful person and always wants to do things for others before herself, a quality that is extremely beneficial when being a parent. Jennifer is an amazing mother who is loving, caring, and understanding. She loves to find fun activities for us to do as a family. I admire how close Jennifer is with her mother, they share almost everything with one another, and I would expect the same with our children. I feel lucky that I was able to find such a great woman to spend the rest of my life with.


Brayden is almost two years old and he is truly a BOY! Brayden loves to play with trains and cars and watch Bubble Guppies. Brayden has truly been a blessing. We love him so much and enjoy parenting each and every day. We look forward to Brayden becoming an older brother and growing up with a sibling. He loves to play with other kids and is a happy and busy little boy. He is always laughing and saying "hi" to everyone! We went to Arizona last year to visit family and we spent a day out with Thomas the Train. This year we are taking Brayden to the beach for the first time. We enjoy taking weekend getaways so Brayden can go swimming. We are blessed to have jobs that offer us flexibility to take trips and spend time together as a family.

Our Dogs

We have two small very spoiled dogs. We enjoy taking daily walks with them and they go everywhere we go. Taking walks with them is one of our favorite things to do. During this time, we talk about our day and our future. They have brought us so much fun and joy. Brayden loves to play with them and one of his first words was Daisy, which is one of our dogs.

Thank you

We are so happy you are considering us to complete our family. We can't relate to the decision you are making, however, we admire your maturity and bravery. We recognize this is one of the most difficult decisions you will ever make and we support an open adoption and getting to know you during and after your pregnancy. We look forward to getting together and sharing pictures.


Jennifer and Nathan