We appreciate that you are making a brave and difficult choice by choosing adoption. Love is at the core of every family and that is especially true of families brought together through adoption. Your choice stems from unconditional love of your child and we are here to support you. We are in an open adoption with our daughter’s birth parents and we are committed to having an open adoption again. We look forward to forming a relationship with you and including you in our family. Thank you for looking at our profile and considering our family.

Our Story

We met in college, at the Catholic Campus Center, when Ryan was a freshman and Ashley was a junior. We were friends first and then our relationship developed into romance. We found that our quirky sense of humor matched and we loved to spend time together watching movies and talking. We married after 2 years, while Ryan worked on his first degree. Since learning is so important to us, after Ryan graduated Ashley went to graduate school. After she finished Ryan went back to school for his electrical engineering degree.

A few years into our marriage we became pregnant but lost our baby. This repeated four more times. The loss of five babies was extremely difficult but made us stronger as a couple. We learned how deep our love is and how important we are to each other. We also decided that being biological parents wasn’t as important to us as being parents. We knew we could love any child and raise them in a loving, respectful, stable home.

Ashley (written by Ryan)

Ashley has always struck me as a strong and passionate woman. When she decides to love someone, she loves them unconditionally and they become family. She developed her strong family ties growing up in a rural western Kansas town with four older siblings and two loving parents who were teachers at the local school. Ashley’s mom recalls her wanting to be a mom, and even an adoptive mom, ever since she was little. When we met, she was getting her bachelor’s in History. I was smitten with her love of learning and admired her voracity as a reader. After waiting for me to graduation, Ashley went on to earn her master’s in Higher Education. Her compassion for others has led to her working directly with college students for the last 13 years, helping them to be successful in their college life. Since our first adoption, I have enjoyed watching her become a mother. Her unconditional love for our daughter is obvious when I see her transform into the tickle monster, sing silly songs, or patiently fix Lucy’s extremely curly hair. In their time together, Lucy has managed to pick up much of Ashley’s sassiness and boldness. In her down time, Ashley loves to read, watch mysteries, participate in political activities, and spend time with the dogs.

Ryan (written by Ashley)

From the moment I met Ryan I knew this was a man who was genuine and loving. He has proved over the 15 years of our relationship that he is my best friend. I love his curiosity and creativity which drives him to create new board games, write music scores, and do all kinds of home projects (like re-wiring our oven). I stand in awe of his determination. When he wanted to go back to school to get his electrical engineering degree he did it, even though his first degree was in music and he had to take a lot of math and science classes to be prepared. He is fearless in the kitchen where he cooks up meals for us using his creativity to make delicious dishes. I love watching him as a daddy to our daughter because he is so patient, loving, and fun. He puts the needs of his family first and strives to be the best partner and father. Ryan has helped me grow as a person because he will challenge me, support me, forgive me, and love me no matter what. These qualities are in all of his relationships with his family and friends.

Our Family

We were blessed in 2014 to adopt a wonderful little girl, Lucy. We were honored by her birthparents’ decision to choose us to adopt their little girl. We have an open adoption and try to see each other every other month. Lucy is a fun, spunky, loving little girl who enjoys puzzles, reading books, Daniel Tiger, playing with her cousins, and singing songs. She loves to chase bubbles in the back yard, hop all over the house, and to go on bike rides with her Daddy. She is a peer model at a pre-school with children who have different abilities, where she has grown in her care and compassion towards others. She was babysat by Ryan’s parents until she was 2 years old and still spends one day a week with them, along with her cousin.

We see our parents weekly and frequently have family gatherings during the month. Lucy loves to play with her cousins, aunts and uncles. Our family is very supportive of our adoption and our wish to expand our family.

Included in our family are our fur-babies. Marshmallow is a black/white pit mix who is nothing but sweetness (hence the name Marshmallow) packaged in the sturdy body of a “body builder”. He is a 7 year old rescue that we adopted 3.5 years ago. Taz is a gentle, spazzy, snorty, stinky Boston Terrier/French Bulldog rescue from a puppy mill. We adopted her 2 years ago and she is now 6 years old. To round out our menagerie, Rocka is our cat we adopted as a kitten 4 years ago from the shelter. She chose Ryan and now believes she owns him and the rest of the family.

We thank you for taking the time to catch a glimpse into our lives.