We are Travis, Tanya, Keyahnah, Kaynahn and Klohe!
Hello! Our family’s heart desire is to grow our family through adoption! Thank you for reading our profile and considering us as a family for your precious baby.

About Us – Travis and Tanya

We knew each other growing up in a small rural community but didn’t start dating until we were both in college. We quickly became best friends and fell in love, and we married one year later. We have now been married 19 years! We continue to be each other’s best friend, and we are more in love with each other now than ever! We started our relationship, and keep our relationship, based on Jesus as the Lord of it all! He has blessed our marriage!

We live in the country with our three girls. Our children are the biggest joy in our life, and we are so excited to add more children to the family! We both own our own businesses so our time schedule can be worked around our family and their activities! Our top two priorities in life are faith and family!


Travis is a strong leader for our family. His first priority is serving Christ. His family is the most important earthly thing to him. He is so much fun to be around - a kid at heart! He is athletic as he grew up playing sports and became a teacher and coach before going into real estate development. He now owns his own successful real estate development business.

Travis is an amazing dad! He spends quality time with each of the girls. He plays lots of sports with them and even coaches some of their sports teams. He loves to just hang out with the girls and watch movies or just talk. He likes to go fishing and swimming with the kids. There is nothing that gives Travis more joy than spending time with his family and especially his children. Travis has always had the dream of adding to the family through adoption. Even before he and Tanya were married he always wanted to adopt.


Taking care of the family is Tanya’s love. She owns a home based business and is able to run it around the kids’ schedules. She is the planner of the family making sure everyone has what they need when they need it. Tanya has been a teacher and loves to help the kids excel in their education. She personally enjoys fitness activities and when possible will run and workout with the kids. She does her best to work with them at being healthy and taking care of themselves.

Tanya is a giving mom. She loves her children unconditionally and strives to make the home a place of peace. She is so excited to add more children to the family! Tanya loves kids and wants more in the home. She believes adoption is a powerful witness of love from a birth mother and is humbled at the thought of someone allowing her family to be an extension of that love.


Keyahnah is a junior in high school. She is a caring Christian girl who is the go-to girl when her friends or sisters have problems. She is very empathetic and always wants to help others get through the problems of life and be able to have more joy! She is very athletic and plays volleyball and basketball in school. She is also very involved with leadership activities. She also enjoys theater. She cannot wait to add to the family through adoption! Her hope is for another sibling to love on soon!


Kaynahn is a 7th grader. She is a self-confident leader! She enjoys singing and dancing. She also is athletic and plays volleyball, basketball, and runs track in school. Kaynahn has Alopecia Areata which is an autoimmune disorder where her immune system attacks her hair follicles and makes her hair fall out. She has been completely bald since this disorder surfaced when she was 10 months old. The disorder has no other medical concerns besides the loss of hair. It is not contagious. She has wigs but rarely wears them because she is very confident without them, and she finds them uncomfortable. She is so much fun to be around; she is a social butterfly! Kaynahn is super excited about having another sibling! She loves the idea of adoption!


Klohe is a 5th grader and she cannot wait to be a big sister! Klohe is a super-sweet, caring girl! She enjoys being with others, singing and all sports. She is starting volleyball this year but she has been playing basketball since Kindergarten! Klohe also loves school. She really enjoys people, board games and anything that challenges her thinking! Klohe wants to adopt a little sibling soon!

About our family

Travis and Tanya both grew up close to where they live now and both sets of their parents still live close by! Travis’ parents have been married almost 50 years and Tanya’s parents almost 60 years! Both sets of parents have set great examples of what forever families and unconditional love are all about! Travis was the only boy in his family growing up with an older sister and a younger sister. Tanya was the only girl in her family with three older brothers. Each set of families get together at holidays and have big celebrations. All members of both our families are excited that we are expanding our immediate family through adoption!

Our promise to you

First of all, we want you to realize that we know you are an extremely brave, selfless and a loving mother to be taking this journey. We are humbled that you are reading our profile and considering us as a family for your baby. Please know that if you feel a tug on your heart that we might be the right family for your baby that we will love this precious baby unconditionally for life. We are a close-knit, supportive family and we would welcome this new addition into our family without reserve. You will always be a part of this baby’s life. We will make sure that the baby knows your courageous love! Thank you again for your consideration.