Adoption Option

Types of Adoptions


“We should not ask who does this child belong to, but who belongs to this child."

– James Gritter





Birth parents come to Adoption Option, Inc. and select the prospective adoptive family for their baby. The selection process typically includes reviewing the waiting families’ profiles and home studies and by meeting the family with whom they are most interested. Most often the actual family selection takes place early in the birthmother’s last trimester. Individual counseling and birth parent support groups are available to the birth parents throughout their pregnancy and into their post-placement. Prior to committing to a placement, the prospective adoptive family is given a birth parent family history and medical report. Adoptions may be open (the birth parent’s role is like that of an extended family member or close friend, getting together regularly with the adoptive family and child throughout the years) or semi-open (the birth parents and adoptive family meet during the pregnancy and exchange letters, pictures, etc. throughout the years) depending on the birth parents’ and adoptive parents’ desires.


Adoptive families and birth parents find one another through their own resources. These adoptions often include inter-family placements or the adoption of a friend’s baby. Individual counseling and support groups are the same as in agency adoptions. Birth parent family and medical history reports and adoptive parent home studies are also completed in private adoptions.


Adoption Option, Inc.’s roles is to complete the international home study and provide the pre education and post placement services as required by the international agency or country. Requirements vary. Some international agencies have their own home study format or a page restriction for their study. It will facilitate matters if the couple determines which international agency they will work with and the country from which they wish to adopt prior to beginning the home study process. Updates and addendums may be completed by Adoption Option, Inc. as changes in requirements demand.