Adoption Option

For Expectant Parents

Adoption Option, Inc. offers a caring, supportive environment for expectant parents in which they can educate themselves about adoption and explore their options. We provide confidential counseling and assist you through all aspects of the adoption process.

If you choose to parent

Adoption Option will:

  • Provide assistance in creating a parenting plan
  • Provide confidential group and individual counseling both during and after pregnancy
  • Provide assistance with parenting skills and single parenting
  • Link you to child care, medical care, support groups, and other community support services

If you choose adoption

Adoption Option will:

  • Help you select the best type of adoption to meet your needs
  • Help you choose the best family for your child by helping you review the prospective adoptive parents’ profile, home study and by facilitating meeting the family of your choice.
  • Provide confidential group and individual counseling both during pregnancy and after placement
  • Provide a birth parent support group
  • Link you to community support services

We have families who have been approved and are waiting for children. To see some of these families, please view our gallery.

Birth parent services

    • Individual and group counseling


    • Education on types of adoption


    • Adoptive family selection assistance


    • Support groups


    • Medical referrals


    • Legal referrals


    • Family and medical history reports


    • Court appearances


    • Resource Center


  • Reunion assistance, when applicable