Adoption Option


What Jennifer has to say

The decisions we choose to make every second affect the next lifetime. I never thought I would be a mother this early. It never occurred to me that I would be a junior in high school and possibly a drop-out the next year. I personally chose adoption because my ex-boyfriend was not there for me and I didn’t know if I could take care of my baby girl by myself. My family and the adoptive parents I chose were very supportive of me and the decisions I made. The most painful thing for me was to give up my rights and not be able to take care of my baby and see her everyday. Seeing how big, beautiful, and well taken care of my baby is now, I know each day I made the right decision. I never thought my choice of making adoption plans would open so many doors for me. The open communication I have with the adoptive parents is amazing. I could never have made a better choice about those adoptive parents becoming my child’s parents and I know she will be loved no matter what. You may be in my position someday and be confused about what to do. This was the best choice for my daughter and it gave me the opportunity to enter the next phase of my life stronger. Thanks, Hillary.

What Robin has to say

When I first discovered my pregnancy, Hillary Merryfield was on the list of adoption providers that was given to me by my doctor. After breaking the news to my family and friends, I discovered that my friend had used Hillary when she was adopting her child. To me that was a good sign. Hillary has done so much for me and my baby. We met often and discussed my, the birth father’s, and my family’s feelings on my situation. She has truly become a friend. She carefully listened and presented prospective parents that my and the birth father’s criteria. She agonized with and supported me in my “mood” swings between open and closed adoption. In the end, I chose an open adoption and have never looked back. I have the most amazing couple raising my son and know that he is going to have a very loving family in addition to his birth parents. Having an unplanned pregnancy was devastating to me but somehow Hillary made it okay. Though my son came six weeks early and I had only met my adoptive couple three weeks before, we still got to know each other in that short span of time. I could not have done all of this without the support of my family and especially Hillary. She has been a god-send to me, the adoptive parents, and the baby, who has more people than he’ll over know who love him.

What Sara has to say

When I found out I was pregnant I did not know what to think, what to do, or where to go. After much thought, I decided that adoption would be the best thing for my child. It was through that process that I met Hillary Merryfield. Hillary counseled me weekly on the various aspects of becoming a birth mother. She also urged me to consider the pros and cons of keeping my child. She set up meetings with other birth mothers and those who were making the same decision as me. In the end, or what I like to think as the beginning now, I decided to keep my daughter. Hillary was such an integral part of my pregnancy. Her guidance, companionship, compassion and heartfelt commitment to me helped me in the most important decision of my life. Hillary has been and always will be a friend and mentor to me and my daughter. I cannot say enough about her. There are few people you meet in life who have a profound impact. Hillary Merryfield is one of those for me.