Hi, we're Adam and Julie from St. Louis, MO. Thanks again for taking the time to read more about us.
Although we don't know your situation, we can imagine that your journey to get here has been an emotionally difficult one. We have traveled a very different road that has also been emotionally difficult. Our experiences have been so different, yet our paths have crossed here and we are so excited to find out what that means for the future. We have so much respect for this very important decision you are making. We know that raising a child is truly a gift and we would be honored and forever grateful for the opportunity to grow our family with you.

About Us

Our story actually began a couple years before we even met! In 2001, Adam was working in Seattle, WA for a company whose home-base is in St. Louis, MO. His boss traveled to St. Louis for a company meeting where he was introduced to Julie. After returning to Seattle, Adam' s boss said that he wished Adam could have been at the meeting because he met “the nicest Midwest girl named Julie” and he really thought Adam and Julie would hit it off. Adam dismissed the conversation never thinking in a million years that he would even have a reason to travel to St. Louis, much less live there. Fast forward to 2003 when Adam's company decided to move its operations closer to its St. Louis headquarters. Fate brought us together when we were introduced at that same company meeting exactly two years later and we've been inseparable ever since. Adam proposed in 2005 and we were married in 2006.

About Adam

Adam was born and raised in Seattle, WA. Adam's parents are so loving and supportive and really cherished every moment of his childhood. Adam's parents have been married for 45 years! Growing up as the only child in his home, Adam spent a lot of time playing with other kids in his neighborhood, many of whom are still lifelong friends. In high school, Adam developed a love for tennis and played almost every day. In his freshman year of college, Adam picked up a set of golf clubs and golf quickly became his new favorite sport to play. Adam graduated from the University of Washington in Seattle with a degree in Sociology and took a job as an Assistant Golf Pro at a course nearby. On that golf course, he met his current boss and was offered a Sales job that he couldn't pass up. Adam has been employed with the same company for over 15 years, first in Seattle and then in St. Louis where he transferred in 2003. Adam is clever, patient, outgoing and loves to be around people. He can strike up a conversation with just about anyone!

About Julie

Julie was born and raised in St. Louis, MO and is one of three children. Julie is the middle child and the only girl. Julie grew up in loving, stable home and is extremely close to her parents, brothers, sisters-inlaw, nieces and nephew. Julie's parents have been married for 44 years. Julie has a huge extended family and has 26 first cousins. Family weddings, holidays and other celebrations are always full of love and laughter. Julie graduated from the University of Missouri- Columbia with a dual degree in Business Management and Marketing and took a job in Human Resources. Julie has been employed at the same family-friendly company for over 16 years. Julie is smart, caring, loyal and a great problem solver.

A Glimpse at Our Life

We live in a quiet neighborhood in a suburb of St. Louis with great schools nearby. We love spending time with each other, our family, our friends, and of course our pets, Chloe, Beemer and Bentley! In the fall, we like to watch football and join in the Halloween fun with our nieces and nephews while they go trick-or-treating. Thanksgiving is spent at Julie's parent's house with much of our huge extended family spending the day together and giving thanks over a delicious dinner! Adam's parents join us in St. Louis for Thanksgiving often and have talked about purchasing a second home nearby to be closer to their grandchildren. We often make a trip back to Seattle in late fall or early winter to visit with Adam's parents, family and friends. When winter comes, Julie loves to decorate the house for the holidays. Christmas Eve is also spent with Julie's extended family. With so many people, sometimes the party (and the gifts) last late into the night. Christmas day is spent opening gifts, playing games and enjoying a nice family dinner with Julie's parents, siblings, sibling-in-laws and nieces and nephew. When springtime arrives, we start spending as much time outside as we can! Adam loves to golf and we have a great trail system close to our home, so we takes lots of walks with our dogs. Come summer, we like going to baseball games, spending time at the pool and barbecuing with family and friends. Every fourth of July, our neighborhood park hosts a can't-miss party with lots of fun, family activities and a great fireworks display. We also get together with family at least once a month for birthdays and other celebrations.

We have been lucky to travel to some great places. We take a week-long getaway to our favorite beach spot just about every year, make frequent trips to Seattle and enjoy occasional weekend getaways.

Our Journey to Parenthood

We always imagined being parents one day. A few years after we were married, we realized it was not going to be easy an easy journey for us. We have struggled though many years of infertility and have endured multiple losses. Through it all, we always knew that adoption was a possibility for us. We have so much love for each other as a couple and are excited at the thought of being able to share that love with a child. We are confident in our ability to provide a loving and stable home. Although we were born and raised thousands of miles apart, our upbringings were very similar where our parents' focus was always children first. We were surrounded by love and support and were taught to recognize and appreciate the importance of family. Our parents taught us to always respect ourselves and others and to treat others the same way we would like to be treated. Memories of our childhoods are filled with happy times surrounded by family and friends. We so look forward to being able to share these same values and lessons and create new, happy memories with children of our own!

Our Commitment

We want you to know that we think you are so brave and loving for considering an adoption plan for your child. If given the opportunity, we promise to love, cherish, nurture and protect our children and to never take the role of being a parent for granted.


Thank you from the bottom of hearts for considering us as adoptive parents!