Hi, we are Clint and Cassie!
We are very excited to start the adoption journey and understand the struggles and emotions you may be going through during this process. We humbly thank you for taking the time to look at our profile and want nothing more than to expand our love by making a family with your child.

About US

We attended the same hometown high school, and are high school sweethearts. After dating for 6 years, we were married on October 16th and have now been married for 5 years. I just turned the “big 30” in November and Clint will turn 30 in February. We enjoy camping, boating on the lake, fishing and riding four wheelers; yes, we even enjoy working together. Clint and I recognize the importance of focusing on our relationship as a couple and try to take a vacation once or twice a year. We have several friends that are married couples that we enjoy hanging out with. We are fortunate to have supportive friends and a large loving family.

After a few years of trying to conceive, we recently learned that we are not able to. We were heartbroken (to say the least). We took time out and refocused on what this was going to mean for us. We spoke with doctors and researched options on how we were going to have this family we both wanted. We decided that God was leading us to the adoption process. We have a great support group of family and friends who are looking forward to seeing where this adventure takes us. They all plan to be a part of this journey every step of the way. We are excited to be in a position to share our lives with a child through adoption.

My Wife, Cassie (told by Clint)

Cassie is the oldest of 3 siblings, which she is the only girl. We even have the privilege of working with her oldest brother, Jeremy. Cassie and he were adopted when they were 9 and 10, around the time their youngest brother was born. After finishing high school she went to the university in our hometown and graduated with a major in Public Relations.

Cassie is one of the smartest, caring, and thoughtful people that I have ever met. She is always thinking of others and doing small things to make their day a little brighter. My lovely wife is a wonderful cook and has yet to disappoint me with a recipe I have found on Facebook and challenged her to make. Cassie is surprisingly a city girl at heart, but in time I’ve converted her to the wonderful country life, and she has taken to it like a fish to water…. most of the time. LOL! She enjoys, watching/ going to sports games, going on trips together, hunting, and hanging out with our friends. Cassie is a leader and planner of sorts she likes to take charge and get the ball rolling and rolling in the right direction. She is a very supportive and loving wife to me. Everyone asks me how I ever landed a girl like her? I just tell them it’s simple I won the wife lottery! In all seriousness Cassie is truly a wonderful person inside and out. She not only talks the talk but she backs it up with the walk. I can’t wait to share with her with the final missing piece (a child) to our family!

My Husband, Clint (told by Cassie)

Clint is the youngest of 5 siblings. His oldest brother Daryl is his only brother. His oldest sister is a licensed day care provider who assists Clint’s mother’s daycare business in her own house. We have agreed that we will take our child to this particular daycare when we both work. Clint has 2 other sisters who live away from the area. We have been blessed with a total of 5 nieces and 4 nephews who absolutely adore Clint.

Clint is a “hands on”, smart, and humorous husband. He is tall, dark and handsome. Having been raised on a farm, he knows a little about everything which makes him my “handy man” around the house. He will find a way to fix anything. He is an extremely hard worker, no matter how long it will take; he will get it done, and the “right way”. An example of this is at 21 years old, Clint bought our first house which is now currently paid for and we rent it out. Clint is very dependable, and willing to help anyone out at a “drop of a hat”. He is also my “backbone”, when times get rough. Clint has taught me patience, always reminding me…”It will work out, give it time”. Clint is an outdoors person, loves doing anything outdoors. He enjoys riding 4-wheelers, hunting, fishing and boating on the lake. He has an amazing way with not only his nieces and nephews but with kids in general. Watching the way he interacts with children, I believe that he is going to be a wonderful dad; and can’t wait to share this journey with him.

Our Home

We just bought our house in 2014 with intentions of starting a family. This house has 3 bedrooms and 2 ½ baths, with a family room upstairs and a small family room downstairs. Our house has a finished basement and a large walkout deck. We enjoy sitting outside on the wrap around deck off the dining room on the main level. Our home sits on the edge of town where we have a wonderful view of the country. The back of our house overlooks a huge back yard. Our property includes a total of 17 acres, so there is plenty of space for games and activities. Within the property boundary, is a pond where we enjoy fishing and the dogs enjoy going for a swim. Although Clint’s dad and mom have a 150 acre farm which consists of crops and cattle, we enjoy the simpler view of having a smaller acreage. We love the outdoors; fishing, playing fetch with the dogs, or just sitting out on the deck or porch swing.

Family & Faith

Clint and I were married in a Catholic church. It is important that we share our faith with our child. We honor God daily in the way we treat others, with kindness and respect. Our children will be raised with a strong faith foundation. Spending time with our family is very important to us. We get together to celebrate birthdays and holidays. We both have holiday traditions that usually include dinner and tons of laughter. Once a year in the summer time, all 9 of the nieces and nephews spend the night with us. Two of which recently entered our family through open adoption. All of us have a great time together. Our families are excited and very supportive about our adoption plan.

Our Promise to You...

We promise to raise your baby in our home full of love, attention and support. We will provide your baby every opportunity to pursue and expand his or her interests, education and grow as a person. We believe a continued relationship with you through open adoption is important for everyone but most importantly for the child, and we would make sure he or she knows how they came to be a part of our family through adoption.