Hi, we’re Clint and Krissy!
Thank you for taking the time to learn about us and for considering us as you make the difficult decision of who will parent your child.  We believe that your decision for adoption as birth parents is a purely selfless act and is based solely on one factor – unconditional love for your child. Knowing the importance of open adoption in a child’s life, we look forward to forming a relationship with you if you would choose us to parent. We hope you will be able to see the love we have for each other, our families and friends, and how we would welcome a child into our lives. 

Our Story

We were born and raised just a few miles from one another in Independence, Missouri, with similar family backgrounds and upbringings. During high school in 1995, we met through a mutual friend one fateful night at Pizza Hut and fell in love in spite of going to rival schools. We connected through a shared love of music, movies, Saturday Night Live sketches, and popular one-liners.

To this day, we still celebrate our first date anniversary on October 23. We dated for several years before making it official on a beach in Hawaii in 2006. One of many reasons for the big decision, well two actually, was adopting two adorable puppies, Payton and Layla. They are 11-year old dachshund/pug mix sisters and in our unbiased opinion happen to be the cutest “puppies” in the world. (Reference the Payton and Layla section for more details!)

We have stable careers (Clint working in the office furniture business and Krissy working in the banking industry) and have been at the companies for well over a decade. We enjoy our work and consider our coworkers like extended family.  We also are a full-time aunt and uncle by being active in the lives of our 14 nieces and nephews through attending activities like dance recitals, sporting events (football, volleyball, track, swimming) and choir concerts, and we have been known for creating unique Halloween costumes for them from time to time.

As a couple, we enjoy concerts, sporting events (Chiefs and Royals games) and traveling. We value a healthy, active lifestyle and in recent years, have participated in several 5k and 10k races. In fact, Clint lost 100 pounds five years ago and has successfully kept it off. As we grow our family, we look forward to including a child in our adventures.

Krissy (Through Clint’s Words)

Krissy is one of the funniest people I know and our connection through humor is such a big part of our relationship. She is thoughtful and always comes up with the perfect gift or token for others that expresses how she feels or that reflects their personal relationship. Education and a love for learning have always been important to Krissy. She is a proud Bearcat – graduating from Northwest Missouri State University with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and a MBA, while being the first in her immediate family to do so. In her free time, Krissy enjoys snuggling with her puppies, hanging out with her family and friends, running, gardening, volleyball, organizing, and she has an eye for home decorating. Krissy also has a love for animals and grew up riding horses. Her parents still own a horse, Sunset Jo, and two mini horses named Snowflake and Rambo that live down the road from us.

I feel lucky I get to spend my life with my best friend. As an added bonus, she’s the best aunt in the world, which will prepare her to be a great mother. I have no doubt she is meant to be a mom and has so much love and guidance to offer that would enrich a child’s life.

Clint (Through Krissy’s Words)

Clint’s easy-going attitude, quick wit, humor, and heart-felt smile are qualities that draw people to him.  He keeps me laughing on a daily basis as he is one of the funniest people I know. 

Clint is artistic and musically inclined – he taught himself to play the drums by ear and he has taught many of the children in our lives some drum beats. He is generous with his artistic abilities by gifting sketches of our friend’s children and pets. Through his creativeness, he also has honed his home improvement, welding, and woodwork skills. One of Clint’s strongest qualities I admire is his strong work ethic, which he developed early in life by spending summer’s working on his grandparent’s farm. Clint is a natural athlete and enjoys watching and playing sports, especially with our family. A typical summer weekend includes Clint getting the bats and gloves out to play a pick-up game with the nieces and nephews. Clint is one of those people that children gravitate to and I can’t wait for him to be a dad as he will be incredible in that role!

Payton & Layla

As mentioned, Payton and Layla are sisters that are dachshund/pug mix and they are inseparable. Although they are sisters, they have very distinct personalities – Payton being the more outgoing one and Layla being the shy, timid type. In their free time (which is all the time), they enjoy sleeping, playing, sleeping, and eating num-nums (preferably Beggin’ Strips Bacon & Peanut Butter flavor). They live a very comfy lifestyle including going to “puppy daycare ”(aka – Krissy’s parent’s house) each day while we are at work.  They love children and would welcome a new addition to the family with open paws.

Family & Friends

Family and friends are at the center of our lives and we have many get-togethers and celebrations. With both of us having large extended families and a close knit group of friends living nearby, there are birthdays and traditions each month to come together for fun over good food.  From hiding eggs for the annual Easter egg hunt at Clint’s grandparent’s house, to watching firework’s at the 4th of July BBQ to opening gifts on Christmas morning, there is always an event right around the corner to look forward to!

Our Promise to You and Your Child

If we were fortunate to be chosen to parent your child, words can’t express the gratitude we would have.  We look forward to developing and maintaining a relationship with you and we could only begin to show our appreciation through our actions and unconditional love for the child.  We believe a continued relationship with you through open adoption is important for all involved, most importantly for the child, and we would want to keep the lines of communication open through phone calls/texts, sharing photos, and getting together. We understand the connection to birth parents is vital to the child’s development and we are fully committed to having a child-centered open adoption that places the child’s current and future needs as the top priority.

We are excited you have taken the time to read our story.  We are committed to each other and doing anything possible to ensure the happiness of your child.  We promise that the values of respect, integrity, positivity, humor, education, and family would be instilled in your child’s life.  We would love to share more information about our life and family and we look forward to meeting you!  As you make these important decisions for you and your child, we wish you peace and comfort. Thank you!