Hi, we are Dallas and Amber.
We are excited to begin the journey of adoption and greatly appreciate that you are looking at our profile. From the time we met, we knew that having children was something that we wanted in our marriage. We would like nothing more than to share our love, family, friends, and home with your child. We admire you for the courage and strength it takes to consider adoption and hope you choose us as the adoptive parents.

Our Story

Begins in southern California in 2003 where we were introduced to one another through mutual friends. Amber was 23 and Dallas was 29. We fell in love and after most of a year of dating we made the decision to spend the rest our lives together on this Christmas carriage ride. Three years after marrying, we moved to Shawnee, KS where we moved into a suburban home two miles from Dallas’ sister and family. Amber began working from home with the intent of having a schedule that would easily accommodate children.

Over the next several years it became apparent that having our own child was not likely to occur. With much thought and prayer, we made the decision to adopt. We had the privilege of adopting a newborn baby boy in March of 2014. Our family immediately accepted him into our family, with the only struggle being who gets to hold him next. We know they would do the same with a second child, and like us, are eager to welcome them to the family.

About Dallas

As the oldest of three children, Dallas learned the value of hard work while serving as his father’s sidekick on the families’ Kansas ranch. He was taught responsibility by being very involved in his church, school, and social clubs. This leadership training prepared him for adulthood where he became captain of his college basketball team, served as a manager in a busy Emergency Department, and now works in hospital administration.

While his work requires substantial attention, Dallas is also able to find time to play sports, spend time with family and friends, and enjoy an ample amount of time with Amber and Luke. Dallas does not lack for energy, and makes sure to devote much time to playing with and taking care of Luke. Dallas was fortunate to grow up with a large extended family with whom he was very close. It is his intent that his children enjoy the same supportive family he experienced, which is why Amber and he chose to live in Shawnee where their kids will be surrounded by cousins, aunts and uncles, and grandparents.

About Amber

Amber is also the oldest of three children. Her natural maternal abilities were quickly apparent as she served as a “second mother” to her two younger siblings. This serves her well today, as she truly is a homemaker. She enjoys cooking and gardening and is always ready to share her delicious food with others. Her home is always clean, organized, and pleasant.

While being a wife and mother, working part-time, and managing a home, Amber still finds time to relax and have fun. She loves attending workout classes at the gym and walking with groups of friends. She feels blessed to be the primary caregiver for Luke and intends for this to continue with the addition of a second child. She frequently picks up her nieces and sweeps them away for fun outings. Amber also relishes times when Dallas and she are able to travel or spend time out in the city. She is positive, energetic, and consistently looks for the good in other people.

About Luke

Luke is our one and only child. We were blessed to have him join our family by adoption in March of 2014. He is a healthy little boy that sleeps well, smiles and laughs often, and is a man on the move. He immediately won our hearts and those of our extended family and friends. He is elated when we get visits from his cousins or other kids. We are just sure that he will be a perfect older brother.

Our Family

We are both fortunate to be a part of loving and supportive families. We are close to our siblings and parents alike. We rotate holiday time with each family and excitedly plan for these get-togethers for months in advance. There are young cousins on both sides of the family who are anxious to have new playmates added to the family.

Dallas’ family lives nearby in Kansas and is a weekly presence in our lives. This includes an aunt and uncle who live on a quaint farm that is home to many different animals that Luke and the nieces love to play with. Amber’s family lives on the west coast but frequent travel keeps them close and connected. Since Luke was added to our family we found that grandma and grandpa have visited even more often.

We believe that a strong, loving marriage and closely-knit extended family are essential elements in providing a good home for a child. We have been fortunate to have this role modeled by both sets of parents who remain happily married after more than 38 years. Unconditional love, kindness to one another, and an attitude of service are also at our core. We believe in providing our children with education and opportunities while ensuring they learn discipline and sustain healthy self-confidence. Having fun and approaching life with some humor are also key ingredients in our lives. Most importantly, we believe that children are impressionable and require healthy role modeling in the home. We take the privilege of parenting seriously and hope to have the opportunity to mold your child into a kind, healthy, happy, and well-rounded adult.

Our Home

We live in a safe neighborhood on a double cul-de-sac where you can regularly hear children playing in the street. Our house has plenty of space for children with an open floor plan and four bedrooms. We’ve already picked out a room that will be home for your beautiful baby. It is painted in a shade of soft gray blue with a hint of green that will be perfect for a baby girl or boy. A wood toy chest that was built by Dallas is nestled in the corner waiting to be filled. We are looking forward to filling our home again with the smells, cries, coos, and giggles that only a baby can bring.

Though we currently reside in the suburbs, our dream is to have a country home. We hope to have some space where we can let dogs live unrestrained and kids can allow their imaginations to run wild. This will give us all a place to relax and retreat from the business of daily life.

Our faith in God serves as an anchor for our marriage. It is our belief that faith in God brings a family together in a harmonious and peaceful way. As we raise your child, we plan to continue to foster a loving, Christian environment.