We are Danny and Leigh,
we are honored that you are taking a few moments to get to know us. Our hope is to get to know you as well, to have a chance to show you the loving and healthy home that we have made, that we pray we have the chance to share with you and your baby.


Hello, first we would like to say that to get to the point where you are at, researching families with which to possibly place your baby for adoption, you must love your baby in a way we can only try to imagine. The strength of character that it requires to make the hardest decision we can think of, speaks volumes about who you are as people. It is a selfless and brave choice, and if and when we are chosen as an adoptive family someday, we will throw ourselves wholeheartedly into loving your baby as much as you do.

Our names are Danny and Leigh, we are 37 and 36, respectively. Our wish is to become an adoptive family in an open adoption, to raise your baby in a nurturing and safe home, one where they will be encouraged and supported and loved. Not only by us, but by the strong base of family and friends that surround us. We will raise your baby with Christian values, we will be strong and healthy role models for your baby.We will nurture their talents and interests, the traits that they inherit from you, whether they love books and crave knowledge, have a creative side expressed through art, or are a natural athlete. We will be right there, forever, their biggest supporters. Your child will know love, unconditional and fierce.

About Us

Danny is 37, a full time Firefighter and EMT, and loves his job so much. It speaks to who he is as a person and who he will be as a father, that helping others gives him the greatest happiness. He is passionate about family, has always wanted to be a dad, and loves hanging out with our nieces and nephews, we have nine between our families. He is great with kids, and gets requested every year by the local elementary school to do their fire safety education. Leigh is 36, a hairdresser for thirteen years, who owns her own salon studio. She loves the flexibility of her job, being face to face with clients and taking the time to make each one feel good about themselves. She is naturally nurturing, having been the oldest of three kids growing up. Our household includes two very sweet French Bulldogs, Norm and Fergus, who supply endless entertainment as well as snuggles and love.

We both grew up within ten miles of where we now live, though we have traveled many places, home is where our families are. We are both very active and love to workout, be outdoors hiking or kayaking, going to Royals games, or sitting on the sidelines of our nieces softball games, or our nephews baseball and soccer games. We prefer a night at home with good food and family, to going out on the town. We have been married for ten years, in which time we have built a strong and happy home, we have a very supportive family nearby, who can’t wait to welcome a new family member. The “family” at the fire department is also a huge source of support, they truly have become like an extended family to us, we are so blessed.

Our struggle with infertility only brought us closer together, and made it that much clearer how powerful our desire to have a child is. We would love to get to know you, and to be the right choice in your eyes, to be your baby’s parents. We are an open book, so please pass along any questions that you may have.

Thank you again for taking the time to learn a little bit about us, Danny and Leigh