Hello, we are Danny and Spring, and can’t wait to be parents, and form a relationship with you!

We want to take the time to thank you on considering us to take care of your child, and love your child more then words will ever describe. We have spent many years wondering, and hoping that God would finally bless us with a child. We know now that he was waiting for that very special mother and that very special baby. We have always wanted children of our own, but we shortly found out we were unable to conceive naturally. Since, we both are adopted we thought this would be the best option for us. Danny was adopted when he was 9 years old, and Spring was adopted by her father when she was 3. We can not explain how much love and nurturing we received from our “adopted” parents and hope to pass this on to our child. Our child will be very loved by the whole family, and are excited to add another addition to the family. We hope to get to know you in the future and continue to have a great relationship with you to be able to share the relationship with our child. Again, we want to thank you again for choosing us to be your child’s parents.

About Us

We met in 2010 through my cousin Autumn. We were engaged 6 months after we met, and were married in 2011. We just bought our first house in July, and are excited to grow our family in our new beautiful home. We enjoy going to water parks, watching movies, traveling, hanging out with friends, and spending time with our fur babies.

About Spring

I am 28 years old, I am currently an operations manager at a small company. I grew up in a small town in Nebraska. I grew up in the same house from the time I was 4, until the time I was 15. Unfortunately at the age of 14 I lost my mother. From the age of 14 I was raised by my adopted father. My father adopted me when I was 3 years old. I do currently also have a relationship with my biological father, and try to go visit him in Florida every couple years. I enjoy Art, Photography, Playing Video Games, Shopping and Hanging out with family and friends. I can’t not wait to become a mother, I know that once I am bless with this opportunity it will be something I never take for granted and will enjoy every moment.

About Danny

I am 30 years old, I currently work in IT, and have been at the same job for 4 years. I also grew up in a small suburb with my Adopted Parents. I was adopted at the age of 9 years old, with my sister. I do not currently have contact with my biological parents, due to it being a complicated situation. I enjoy playing video games, golf, disc golf, being active outside, hanging out with friends, and watching sports. I am also excited to become a father. I hope I can take situations I’ve learned from my adopted parents and apply them to our lives.

About our Fur Babies

We currently have 3 cats, and one dog. Our cats are Spot, Teddy, and Lucy. Our dogs name is Ginger. Spot is a very fat (20 lbs), sweet, and loving cat. He enjoys belly scratches and getting petted. Teddy is definitely Danny’s cat, he gravitates towards him and is also very affectionate and wants to be petted. Then we have Lucy. Lucy is a shy, friendly kitty, who takes awhile to warm up to you. Last but not least we have Ginger. Ginger is a cockapoo, who is super spoiled. She has a basket full of toys and loves to play fetch. She is very affectionate and loves to give kisses.

Our Family and Friends

We spend a great deal of time with our family and friends. Even though our family does live a few hours away from us, we do visit them often and they often come visit. They are very excited to add an addition to the family. Our friends here in Kansas are like our family, we spend a great deal of time with them and with there kids as well.

Thank you

We want to thank you for taking time to look at our profile. We are very excited to become parents and hope you take the time to get to know us and get to enjoy a life together!