Hello, we are Jim and Rachael,
we want to thank you for taking the time to learn more about us and our lives. Our hearts go out to you during this difficult time. Although we cannot fully understand your experience, we have so much respect for you and we admire your strength and your courageous decision to consider adoption. We look forward to sharing our lives with you and we would be honored to have an opportunity to get to know you as well. We have a stable, nurturing home filled with love and joy. We hope that after exploring our profile you are able to see how much unconditional love, support and encouragement we have to share with a child. We look forward to meeting you!

Our Story

Jim and Rachael are High School sweethearts. We first met in 2003 on a Mission Trip to Juarez, Mexico and fell in love serving children and building homes in the community. After we returned home, we began dating and have been together ever since. After 5 years of dating, during the beauty of the Christmas season, Jim invited Rachael to their favorite restaurant and later that evening he proposed to her on one knee in front of the family Christmas tree. Rachael said "Yes!", and in May of 2010, we were married in the church where we first met. The wedding reception was at a venue where we had spent many of our first dates having picnics and long walks at the park nearby

After we both graduated from Kansas State University and were married we lived in Kansas for a year, and then we moved out of state for Jim to pursue his further education. During our four years away from our family and friends we were very adventurous and enjoyed many trips exploring the country. Jim’s job in Radiation Oncology brought us back home to Kansas City where we have bought our first home. We are thankful that Rachael will have the flexibility of being a stay-at-home mother and that Jim's position allows for a flexible work schedule. We cannot wait to build a family through adoption. Our marriage has a strong foundation of communication, mutual respect, faith, friendship and love.

Our Adoption Journey

Jim and I knew before we were married that we wanted to build a family through adoption. Rachael and Jim both knew very early on that they could not have their own children biologically. To learn that we would not be able to conceive a child was a very tough and challenging time emotionally for us both. We have known for over a decade that adoption was a good fit for us. Our hearts are prepared and ready to adopt especially this year as Rachael turned 30 and Jim turned 29 this year.

Through much patience and prayer we were able to get through these hard times together. We have several family friends and close friends who have both been adopted and who have adopted children in their lives, and we have seen how wonderful the experience is for both parents and children. Our family, friends and neighbors have been very supportive of our decision to adopt. We are so excited to begin the adoption journey and we look forward to loving and caring for a child.

Jim about Rachael

Rachael is a beautiful person on the inside and out. People often talk about when they started a relationship and knew it was the right person. Rachael was the “right person” for me long before I asked her to marry me. We’ve been together for 13 years and married for 6 years, and she continues to amaze me with her passion for everything in her life. I would describe Rachael as compassionate and caring and she is dedicated and intentional with everyone she meets.

Rachael loves helping people whether it is on a mission trip, at church, teaching her infant and toddler class or helping volunteer at the Children’s Hospital each week. She loves giving back to the community and especially enjoys spending time with children. Rachael’s generosity and hospitality blows me away! She thinks about the small things that mean the most to me which I greatly appreciate. Rachael loves to host parties at our home whether it is a holiday, a birthday or just gathering friends and family together. Rachael also has a gift for photography and loves to capture those sweet moments in our lives. We have a house full of scrapbooks and albums throughout the years.

I know that Rachael will be an unbelievable mom. She is a natural with children. Whenever we go to visit family friends, the children always ask “Where’s Rachael?” Rachael loves to play games with the neighborhood children and her nephew in the cul-de-sac on the backyard swing set. Rachael is a loving and caring wife, daughter, aunt and friend, and will make a wonderful mother.

Rachael about Jim

I can honestly say I had met “the one” the moment we first met 13 years ago. It just felt right from the start and my love for him continues to grow daily. Jim is a loving husband, a thoughtful son, a helpful brother and a fun uncle. Jim is one of the kindest, most honest people I have met. He is easy going, fun-loving and very humble. He always knows how to make me smile and laugh and he constantly amazes me with his ability to always look on the bright side of life.

Jim loves to learn and if there is something going on in the world, Jim knows about it. He loves to read about current events and he is always researching something whether it is about learning to grill or smoke a new recipe. He is always interested in helping others. My family has always been so appreciative of “Jim the fix it” man as he is handy with tools and around the house. It is nearly impossible to find a person Jim can’t get along with. His friendly nature and sense of humor makes anyone feel right at home.

The best part of being married to Jim is that he always puts his family first. The moment Jim gets home from work he gives me a warm welcome and runs around the house with our dog keeping her entertained. We love spending quality time together at home and we enjoy taking long walks around the lake. Jim is always looking for ways to brighten my day whether it be something as simple as grilling for me or saying let’s go out tonight spontaneously.

Jim works in Radiation Oncology and loves helping his patients. He works hard but has the luxury of managing his own schedule. Jim will be able to come home to spend time with his children and he cannot wait to read to our children at bed time and play with our children together at home. It is Jim’s dream to coach baseball/softball to our children. Jim has so much to offer a child: his love of learning, music, sports and education. Jim will make a wonderful father, one who will love our child unconditionally.

Our Thoughts on Parenthood

We believe that being parents is a privilege and we would be honored to raise your child. We believe having dinner together every night is one of the best ways to spend time together as a family. It is something we both did every night growing up, and we plan to continue this tradition. Jim and Rachael love to cook. Jim makes amazing smoked ribs and steaks on the grill and Rachael loves to make healthy homemade meals and casseroles such as our famous family Chicken Tetrazzini.

We promise to give our future children “good morning kisses”, and to tuck our children into bed each night and to read them stories at bedtime. We cannot wait to see our child take his or her first steps and we cherish the thought of all of those “first times” with our child. We promise to raise our child in a loving and nurturing home, surrounded by supportive friends and family. He or she will be provided with the tools and resources to grow into a happy and healthy child.

Our Family and Friends

Jim and I are both blessed to have both sets of our parents living close by in Kansas City not too far away from one another. Jim has a sister, brother-in-law and nephew as well as grand-parents, aunts and uncles and cousins also in Kansas City. Rachael has a brother who visits home frequently who is in in New York City. Rachael also has extended family from England and our family travels to and from England as often as we can. We have a very close knit family. We love spending the holidays together and dinners at home. We have a very supportive and loving family. Our family is delighted by our decision to adopt and they all look forward to welcoming and loving a blessed addition to our family.

We are blessed to have wonderful friends from many walks of life. Jim and I are involved in a small group through our church and Rachael meets with her college girlfriends for a time of fellowship each month. Our neighborhood is full of families with children. We share many events together with our neighbors including picnics on the patio with our neighbors to bonfires in the backyard. We also have joined a group of families all who have adopted children at our church and appreciate the support and encouragement gained from these friendships.

Meet Minnie

When Jim and I knew we were planning to start a family through adoption, we decided before having children that we wanted a puppy. We went in “just to look” at puppies and when we met our puppy we both fell in love with her. She has been great parent training for us both as we have a routine with her each day that keeps us busy. Minnie is a Lhasa-Poo.

We love how excited she gets when we are home playing with her and when she gives us kisses. We also love her snuggles and napping on our laps. Minnie is very social and especially loves children, her neighbors and her family. Minnie loves to chase leaves, play with her toys and take walks around the lake. She likes to follow us wherever we go. Rachael likes to take Minnie over to visit her family and out for trips in the car. Minnie has been such a blessing to our family and we cannot wait until our next addition to the family.

Our Home

We live in a traditional two-story, 4 bedroom home in a Kansas City suburb. One of our favorite things about home is that we live in a cul-de-sac and we love all of our neighbors and children who love to play outside. In our home we have a special clubhouse for children to play in.

Children are often seen in our neighborhood swimming, playing tennis and sand volleyball at our neighborhood clubhouse or fishing in the lakes in the summer, playing in piles of leaves in the fall and sledding down our hill in our backyard in the winter. We have a patio and playground set in our backyard. We are within walking distance of the local elementary and middle school in our area. We love our home and caring neighborhood community.

Thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We hope that you now have a glimpse of who we are and the family that would love and cherish your child unconditionally. It has been a long time dream of ours to share our lives and love with children, and it is our commitment to provide the best possible home for your child. We have a very supportive family, friends and community that would also provide love and support. Your child will know of your love and will understand the precious gift of life that you gave to him or her and to us as adoptive parents.

With Love, Parents in Waiting

Rachael and Jim