Hi! We are Jim and Sam,
These are our children Greg, Lynn and Nile. We are hoping to grow our family again through adoption.

By you reading this we already know a little about you; that you are a strong, courageous, loving and self-less person.   Considering adoption for your baby is very brave and we would be honored to have the opportunity to love and raise your child and make both of you part of our family.  We hope by you looking at our profile that you will learn more about us, our family and our community. Thank you for taking the time to meet our family!

About Us

We got married in November, 2006 in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands with Greg and Lynn (Jim’s children from his first marriage) as our attendants and surrounded by 60 of our closest family and friends. Jim runs the family business that sells surveying and GPS layout equipment. Sam works part-time (Tuesday-Thursday) at a law firm in downtown Kansas City as a litigation paralegal. When Sam is working, Stephanie, our nanny and friend, comes to our house to take care of Nile.

After experiencing our struggles with infertility, we decided to grow our family through the gift of adoption. Making the decision to grow our family through adoption was a decision that seemed closet to our hearts, especially since Jim’s oldest brother, Joe is adopted and we have many friends within our community that have grown their families through adoption. We were blessed enough to adopt our son, Nile, in November, 2013. We met and held our son while he was hours old. We were also blessed enough to be able to spend time with Nile’s birth mother to get to know her better and also get to know her hopes and dreams for Nile. The time that we were all able to spend with her is cherished and we look forward to being able to share these memories with Nile. Given the distance that we live apart, we keep in contact with Nile’s birthmother and her family through pictures, letters, texts and emails and are had a great visit with his birth family this summer.

It is hard to wrap into words how much Nile joining our family has meant, but one of the most amazing things is watching the bound between Greg, Lynn and Nile develop and grow. Each day when Greg and Lynn come home the first thing they do is stop to play and hug Nile. Having Nile has also deepened our relationship and marriage. We can not wait to add another kiddo to complete our family and to see what an amazing big brother Nile will be! He has his very own baby doll that carries around and gives hugs and kisses to.

Our Children

Jim has two children from his first marriage that have primarily lived with us, Greg (20) and Lynn (18). It has been our honor and joy to have them both live with us and watch them grow from children to amazing young adults and we were yet blessed again to adopt our son, Nile, in November of 2013.

Greg graduated from high school in 2013 and is currently enrolled in courses at one of the local community college. He has grown into an amazing, considerate, caring and funny young man. Over the years, we have watched him grow through his life experiences and have seen how he appreciates those that have supported him through the years and have watched his excitement as he began his next chapter in life, which includes attending school at the local community college and moving into his own place. Even though he has moved out, he hasn’t gone far. He and two of his friends have moved into our rental house that is next door to our house. Greg’s greatest passion has always been music. Over the years he has been in various bands and is going to spend the summer working and setting up his music and recording room in his new house. Nile loves it when Greg comes over to visit and when he plays guitar for him!

Lynn is equally as amazing. She has a passion for horses and has ridden horses since she was 8 years old. She is also an amazing self-made artist. Her drawings are amazing and her photograph is unique and captures her loves of nature and animals. While she doesn’t have as much time these days to ride horses, she is able to attend many of the local horse shows to take pictures. Lynn was able to graduate from high school early because of her hard work and dedication. For quite sometime she has considered joining the Navy and recently enlisted as a Naval Airman. We are very proud of her not only in enlisting but the steps she took to make this decision. While we will miss her deeply when she leaves in September for boot camp, we know that this is a very exciting time in her life and a decision that she is very excited about. We know that she will do great things and is very brave and determined young lady!

Nile has been a perfect addition to our family. From the first moment that we held him, we knew that he was meant to be with our family. Nile was born in November in Portland, Oregon. We were lucky enough to be able to spend time with Nile’s birth mother while at the birthing center and while we were in Portland. It meant so much to be able to talk with her and hear what her hopes and dreams were for Nile. They are memories that we cherish and will be able to tell Nile about.

We were able to return home with Nile on Thanksgiving Day and were greeted at the airport with Sam’s mom (Sue) and step-dad (Jack) and were able to bring him to his first lake family Thanksgiving. Everyone was there to meet him, especially his big sister, Lynn, who couldn’t wait to get him out of the car seat. Our friends and family threw us a “Welcome Home Shower” for Nile right before Christmas. Everyone who hadn’t already meet Nile loved seeing him.

Nile has a very sweet, loving disposition. He is a very active little boy and has never met anyone that he doesn’t love. He is constantly smiling and loves to say hello to everyone that he meets. The only joy greater than being parents to Nile, is watching the bond that has grown and developed between he, Greg and Lynn. Now we are excited to see what an amazing big brother Nile will be!

Our Extended Family and Community

We live in a small lake community outside of Kansas City, which is where Jim grew up. We are surrounded by family - Jim's younger brother (Jon), his wife (Morgan), their 2 ½ year old daughter (Milly) and their one year old son (Murphy) live around the corner, Jim parents, Dean and Paulla, live about a mile away, Jim’s sister (Jenny) and her husband (Ryan) and their new born daughter Annali also about a mile away and Jim's oldest brother (Joe) is close by as well. Sam's mother (Sue) and step father (Jack) are only 2 hours away. While her dad (John) and step-mom (Pam) live only 3 hours away in the Des Moines, IA area. Sam’s three siblings and their families are also in the Des Moines, IA area.

Our house is very close to the lake on a large lot with a fenced in yard. The lake is our primary source of entertainment and relaxation. Jim and Sam both sail in races on the weekends and spend lots of time with family and friends just swimming and floating in the lake. There is an annual Water Carnival with swim races, a float parade, fishing tournament, and ski show that is the highlight of summer. There are also baby swim lessons that are held at the pool that was designed by Jim’s grandmother specifically for teaching kids to swim. The swim program was started by Jim’s grandmother and has continued to teach many generations of lake kids to swim. In the winter we ice skate and iceboat when the lake freezes over and love to sled when there is enough snow. Sam was able to take Nile sledding this winter for the first time and he loved it.

There are many children in our community for Nile and a new baby to grow up with, including 2 ½ year old cousin Milly, 1 ½ year old cousin Murphy and a brand new cousin Annali that arrived in June. We also have a wonderful lake community that is filled with kids of all age ranges and many that joined their families through the gift of adoption. We have been very blessed to have such wonder family and friends that are extremely supportive through our adoption journeys.

With Nile we have enjoyed having play dates with lake friends and surprise meetings with cousins in the field to run and play and playdates at the park. Nile enjoys music class with Miss Anna at Music with Mar, helping Daddy in the garage, helping Mommy in the garden and running and playing outside in our big yard, and weekend lunches at the yacht club to see all our lake friends. So much fun!

Nile’s Birth Family

We recently were able to meet some of Nile’s birth family, Aunt Veronica, Uncle James, cousins James David and Hana and Grandma Barbara. They drove as far away as Atlanta to come to Kansas City to meet and play with Nile for the afternoon. It was great to spend time with them and amazing at how after only a few short hours of meeting them, how it felt like we had gained a new extended family. We regularly keep in touch with them by sending texts and emails with updates and pictures of Nile. Aunt Veronica also likes to send Nile packages occasionally with presents and letters for him to open.

After meeting, Veronica even offered to write a letter for us for our profile: Birth Family Adoption Letter


In our home we have a love for animals, good food and snuggle time with good books and games. Music fills our house from listening to Greg and his friends play guitar, to laughing while Greg is trying to teach Jim how to play guitar, to having good music on the radio to dance to. Nile loves to listen to the radio and dance around the kitchen.

When we are away from the lake we have enjoyed taking Nile to explore the newly formed art districts that are close to Jim’s work, museums, aquarium, parks, zoo, and botanical garden. Whatever it is we are doing or wherever we are we like to live each moment to the fullest and have enjoyed sharing these experiences with Nile and can't wait to share these moments with a new little person.

As you can tell our lake community plays a big part in our lives. Some of our favorite activities revolve around sailing. Jim and his siblings grew up sailing and that is one of the activities that we are excited about sharing with Nile as he gets older and another child. During the summer the lake has weekly sailing lessons for kids ranging in all ages and starting as young as 4 years old. Another activity that we are excited about sharing with a child, and that Nile was able to participate in last summer, is the summer swimming lessons at the lake. What makes this even more special is that the swimming lessons are held at the pool and through the swimming program that Jim's grandmother started. Another lake tradition that we were able to share with Nile and want to share with a new child is our annual lake carnival that consists of fishing lessons, mile swim, mile run, canoe races, sailing races and a ski show. Yes, most of our activities are in the summer, but we are also excited to see Nile another child go to the community elementary school that Jim's mom, Jim, Jim's siblings and Greg and Lynn all went to. All in all, we are excited to share the things we love with another child.

Thank You!

We have nothing but admiration and respect for the decisions you are making right now. If you decide that adoption is what is best for your baby and you choose us as adoptive parents, we will always tell your child that your decision was made purely out of love for them and we promise to give your child a loving and supportive family, home and community. We will keep in touch through letters, pictures, texts and visits of important milestones and day to day life. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us and regardless of whether you choose adoption for your baby or you decide to parent your baby, we know that your heart will lead you to the decision that is right for you and your baby.