Hi we are Joe & Leah,
We would like to begin by expressing our admiration for the brave decision you have made. We cannot begin to comprehend the difficult choices you are faced with right now, and we wish you peace and courage during this time. It would be an honor to be chosen by you as adoptive parents.

We discovered early in our relationship that it would be difficult, if not impossible, for us to have a child. We hope that adoption will allow us to share our love of life with a child and provide those loving experiences, which helped to shape our own lives. We are both looking forward to helping our child become a well-rounded individual with a wide range of passions and interests and an exuberance for life.

About Us:

We met in March of 2010 through a mutual friend at a birthday party. After the party was over, Leah realized that she had left the lights on in her car, and the battery was dead. Looking for someone with jumper cables and a big heart, Leah found Joe, who came to her rescue. Leah was instantly smitten with Joe and his thoughtful nature, and so they began dating. After a year and a half, Joe asked Leah to marry him with the help of the Chiefs mascot, KC Wolf at a Chiefs/Packers game at Arrowhead Stadium in December of 2011. We were married on September 29th, 2012, at Leah’s parents’ church in Madison, Wisconsin. We enjoy spending time together, whether it’s hanging out at home or going out to local cultural and sporting events. We particularly like Royals games as well as dinner with friends. We also enjoy taking weekend trips when we can. Besides going to Madison to visit family, one of our favorite destinations is Eureka Springs, Arkansas, where we love to experience the local restaurants and unique shopping opportunities.

About Leah:

Leah is thirty-eight-years old, but her fun-loving nature makes her seem younger. She was raised in Madison, Wisconsin, and like many people from that state, she grew up watching football with her family on the weekends. Leah loves cheering for both Notre Dame the Wisconsin Badgers. Of course, being from Wisconsin, she is also a Green Bay Packers fan; however, she has so far refused to wear a cheese head! Growing up, Leah was active in dance classes including ballet and tap. One of her favorite childhood memories was attending church camp in the summers. In fact, she loved it so much that she became a camp counselor when she was old enough. In 2001 Leah graduated from Minnesota State University with a degree, She then attended Paramedic School & then moved to Kansas City for a job oppurtunity. Leah enjoys reading in her free time, with mysteries being one of her favorite genres, and she hopes to pass that love of reading on to a child. Leah also enjoys movies and spending time at home with their adopted dog, Breeze, and cats, Emit & Molly.

About Joe:

Joe is thirty-three years old. He grew up in Olathe, Kansas, and most of his immediate family is in the Kansas City area. Joe grew up playing different sports. His favorite is baseball, and being from the Kansas City area, Joe is, of course, a huge Royals fan. Joe rarely misses a game, whether it’s on TV, live at the stadium or on the radio. Joe realized soon after graduating high school that he wanted to become a paramedic. Joe went through the paramedic program with Med-Act, and has worked for them for fourteen years. Since meeting Leah, Joe has become a bit of a Wisconsin sports fan, mainly because he likes to spend time with her watching football and cheering for a Wisconsin win. Joe likes to hunt deer and pheasant in western Kansas when he gets the chance. Like Leah, Joe also enjoys spending time playing Frisbee with their dog, Breeze.

About our Family:

We are both very lucky to have an wonderful family that is very excited for us to begin raising our family. Leah grew up with an older brother who took her everywhere. She spent a lot of time hanging out with him. Her large family is still centered in Wisconsin; we are able to visit 6-8 times per year. Leah is from a large family, having 34 first cousins.

Joe’s family lives in Kansas City, he has one sister who has two daughters. We enjoy spoiling our nieces when we get a chance. When they have days off of school we usually spend the day at a local attraction such as Union Station or a museum.

Our Home:

We live in a two-story house in Kansas City, our house lies within the Lee’s Summit School District. We live in a cul-de-sac with ten other houses. We are all very close neighbors and enjoy spending time with each other. We have a fenced in backyard with a play set.