Hello. We are Cassi & Kevin.

Thank you for getting to know us a little better. We appreciate you taking the time to check out our video and profile. We are hoping to grow our family through adoption and look forward to connecting with you.

Thank you for giving us an opportunity to write to you and, more importantly, for giving thoughtful consideration to what must be two of the most difficult decisions a person could ever make – whether to entrust the care and raising of your child to another person or persons and who those people should be. We won’t pretend to know what you are going through right now, so we won’t try to tell you that we have all of the answers for the questions you might have. But we can promise that we will be as open and honest as any prospective adoptive parents could be. This may be the your first introduction to us, and the start of a relationship that may last the rest of our lives.

Why We Are Reaching Out To You

We both long to grow our family and have for years now. While we were in college, we actually discussed whether starting a family was something the other was interested in before getting more serious in our relationship. Seems like a surprisingly responsible thing to discuss in retrospect, considering how many questionable decisions we both made in college (Kevin had long hair (not the cool type)and ask Cassi about her tattoos when you meet her). But, the fact that we were discussing the future of our family so early in our relationship, over a decade ago now, speaks volumes to the importance we both place on family and how deeply we both long to be parents. We began trying to conceive nearly three years ago, but after three miscarriages, consultation with multiple reproductive-specialist doctors, and numerous rounds of testing and treatment, it’s clear to us now that we will be growing our family through adoption. At first it was hard to know where to start after making that decision. After careful consideration, we now know that we hope to raise a child in an open adoption, in which our son or daughter will always know their story and in which we can all decide, together, the nature of our relationship and your relationship with your child.

Our History

We met in college, while we were both freshmen at the University of Kansas, though we didn’t start dating until a year later. As graduation approached, Cassi knew she wanted to become a dentist and Kevin knew he wanted to go to law school, but because service and education are important to both of us, we decided to become teachers in inner-city Baltimore, Maryland through Teach For America, a program that recruits top college graduates to teach for two years in struggling school districts. Teaching in Baltimore was a challenge: endless hours of lesson planning, grading, and meetings with parents and fellow-teachers; breaking up countless fights; district-mandated masters degree classes at Johns Hopkins; recovering a stolen car; regaining a feeling of safety after Cassi was robbed at gun point. But, it was worth it. The experience made us stronger, strengthened our relationship, and allowed us to make a positive impact on the lives of our students. We were married in 2008, in a little country church outside of Cassi’s hometown. Surrounded by family and friends, we were thrilled to be husband and wife. After our time in Baltimore, we moved to Chicago to pursue our long-term professional goals. Kevin went to law school at Northwestern University. Cassi then attended dental school at the University of Illinois at Chicago, while Kevin began work as an associate attorney at a law firm. We had known we wanted to turn to the Kansas area after finishing our degrees, so when Cassi was accepted into a periodontal residency program in Kansas City, the time was right to return home.

We bought our first home in Prairie Village. It is the type of community where people walk their dogs after dinner and neighbors always take the time to say hello. Our house was a bit of a fixer upper, so we have put many hours into making it our home. Our last room to paint is the nursery, and we are excited about making it a special place. There is a reading nook already scoped out. Reading is a passion for both of us, and we grew up with our parents reading to us. We have specifically saved “Harry Potter,” so that we can read the stories together as a family. We have a fenced-in yard with a big vegetable and herb garden and look forward to raking big leave piles for our child to jump in. There are excellent neighborhood schools just blocks away, and you can see parents walking their kids to school in the morning.

After living in Baltimore and Chicago, it has been such a blessing to return home to Kansas. Our parents live only a few hours away, and Cassi’s sisters live close by as well. Our family traditions have made the best memories. We love to go camping with Cassi’s family and cook with Kevin’s family. We are a close-knit crowd and have an incredible group of family and friends. We are starting to make our own traditions as well. This year, we invited our families for the first annual holiday lights tour. One of Cassi’s friends drove us around in a limo to look at the beautiful Kansas City holiday lights after we made figgy pudding and hot chocolate. The combination of old and new traditions keeps our families close.

About Cassi (written by Kevin)

Cassi will be as loving, caring, and giving a parent as any child could ever hope to have. I know this because she’s the most loving, caring, and giving person I’ve ever met and, though I suppose I haven’t met all 7+ billion of our fellow humans, I’m confident that she’s as loving as a person can possibly get. Cassi makes the people around her better. I know she makes me a better person. Cassi is, as best as I can tell, though I’m about as biased as you can get, well-liked by everyone she meets. Cassi always tries to see the best in everyone and every thing and she is relentlessly positive. She was voted “Best Smile” in her dental school graduating class. I’d like to think the secret to her success is that she always tries to “meet people where they are” – as she puts it. She refuses to judge anyone and always seeks to understand how best to interact with people.

Cassi is highly intelligent and extremely accomplished. She was her high school valedictorian. Se was selected to represent Kansas as one of two delegates from each state to the National Science Camp. She graduated with honors in Organismal Biology from KU and as an amazing middle school teacher in Baltimore while simultaneously earning a master’s degree at Johns Hopkins University. Cassi was accepted into dental school where she graduated at the top of her class and was published in multiple academic journals. She was accepted into every periodontal residency program to which she applied, despite the fact that most schools only accept two residents per year. I have to be the one to tell you because you’d never hear Cassi boast about her accomplishments. You’ll love her; I know I do.

About Kevin (written by Cassi)

There is no doubt about how much love Kevin has to give a child. He absolutely adores our godchildren and can never get enough time with them. From playing in the park to teaching how to make silly faces, Kevin has been the perfect godfather and uncle. Kevin is always coming up with new ways to show his love. He draws hearts on the morning mist on my windshield, leaves notes of encouragement in my bag, and excitedly finds recipes to cook together. He combines affection with consideration in such wonderful ways. His ability to make his loved ones feel special is one of a kind.

He is the type of person everyone wants for a friend. Kevin will make you laugh until you cry. He is extremely clever and always quick with a funny remark. Somehow, he can be silly and sophisticated in a way that makes it easy for him to be surrounded by friends. He is constantly up for adventures. When we are with family or friends, he is the first to suggest an activity. Many stories start out with “remember when Kevin convinced us to…” He pushes people to be more than they thought they could be. This is probably why he was such a great teacher. Even now, he visits schools to encourage students as part of their career outreach programs. Kevin’s relentless pursuit of adventures will make him an incredible father. He will be the type of dad who is first to volunteer with a son’s boyscout campout or jump into a daughter’s art class. He sees all opportunities as ways to make memories. While he loves to be daring, he is also content with reading a good book, cuddled up with our cats, at home. Somehow, he makes all moments with him adventures because of his love of life. However, I know that parenthood will be his favorite adventure of all.

Out Goal as Future Parents

Our number one priority as parents will be to raise a happy and healthy child who is prepared for adulthood and has the tools and support to achieve whatever goals they set for themselves. We hope to do this by showing unconditional love, constantly giving our best effort, revising our plans when something isn't working, and listening to the advice of those closest to us. We'll admit, this is a pretty vague goal and plan to get there, but that's intentional. We're not going to be the kind of parents who demand their children become champion athletes or go on to get their PhD at Harvard. Sure, both of those things sound pretty great, but we won't presume to know what our child will want and need, or how they will excel. We hope to raise a child who is prepared to be a responsible member of the community: capable of setting and reaching their own goals, but also ready and able to help those in need.

Why Us?

We can’t promise you we will be the best parents – no one can make that promise. But we can promise you that we will try as hard as any parent possibly can to always do what is best for our child. Your decision to choose adoption is brave and selfless. We admire your generosity of spirit and love for your little one as you move down the path towards adoption. We hope our story helps you to choose the best possible parents for your child. We hope to grow as a family with a baby and that child’s birthparents. Our child will not only be a part of our lives but also your lives, and we are excited to grow our family in such a special way.

All our best,
Kevin & Cassi