Hi we are Ravi and Nasim,
We want you to know that we have been praying for you and your baby, and for our paths to cross if it is meant to be. While we don't know your exact circumstances, we know you are strong, persevering, and that you love your baby very, very much. Should you choose to place your child with us, we will always let our child know just how much he/she was loved from the very beginning and forever. We would like an open adoption, while respecting your wishes with regard to the degree of openness that feels most comfortable.

Our Family:

Our family could be described as open, warm, multi-ethnic, stable, joyful, loving, spiritual, service-oriented, unified, cooperative, and flexible. We live in a two bedroom apartment in a diverse neighborhood of Overland Park, Kansas, with our almost three year old daughter Nyala. Ravi is a mental health counselor and intake coordinator at a community mental health center in Kansas City, Missouri, and Nasim is a breast cancer surgeon in Overland Park, Kansas. For the first two years of Nyala’s life, Ravi was a stay-at-home dad, and since then, Nasim has switched to working part-time (three days a week), with Ravi working four days a week, so we can spend quality time with our daughter. We love being parents and realize what a critical role we play in shaping the future and well-being of our children.

Community Involvement:

We open our home to a diverse group of friends for uplifting gatherings approximately once a week, and support young people in their services to their community. We used to mentor a group of 11-15 year olds in our neighborhood and now we support others to do the same. We feel that this practical experience of interacting with others and learning to be of service is critical to our children's self-concept of their place in the world and helps to instill in them a sense of purpose.

Our Routines and More about us:

  1. Prayer: We pray every morning together as a family when we first wake up
  2. Exercise: We exercise at least once a week as a family at the community center, or at home where Nyala and Dadda do sittups together as you can see here.
  3. Pancakes on Saturday mornings: We enjoy getting our hands all powdered white with flour, pouring the milk, mixing the gooey pancake batter and sharing the meal as a family.
  4. Bathtime Funtime: We love slowing down after a long day with a warm bath together.
  5. Bedtime: At bedtime we pray together, say what we are grateful for, and then choose something we want to work on to do better the following day. We make up bedtime stories and then we are off to sleep. In this picture Nyala has tucked her dolls into bed with a sheet of paper for a blanket! We believe she will make a very nurturing and resourceful big sister.
  6. The Arts: As a family we enjoy the arts together and hope to expose our children to a variety of arts. Ravi plays the guitar and sings, Nasim loves to make up songs especially childrens songs. Nyala loves to sing, dance, and paint!

Our Community:

We belong to a diverse faith community that believes in one God, one humanity, and that religion is a progressive unfoldment of one essential spiritual truth. We believe in independent investigation of truth, the equality of women and men, the harmony between science and religion, the elimination of all forms of prejudice, and universal education.

The oneness of humanity is the primary aim and operating principle of our faith. Since the family is the building block of society, we believe it is critical that we continually strive to ever greater degrees of unity in the family. Because of this deep commitment to the principle of unity, we will do all in our power to facilitate ties of unity between you, your family, and this child, as you might desire.

In Closing:

Your child will be swept up in a sea of unconditional love, physical affection, and joy – but will also learn discipline, morals, and a good character. We have a unified, joyful, consistent parenting style that is generous with praise and uses redirection when necessary. The most important lesson we have learned as parents is to “love the child in front of you”. By that we mean, letting go of any preconceived notions of how our child should or should not be, what needs she should or should not have, etc, and simply learn to respond to the child's needs and try to know their grand little souls for who they really are – unique individuals bursting with potential.

We wish you the best with your decision.

With all our love and utmost respect,

Ravi and Nasim