Hi! This is Seth and Katie!
Here’s a little about us..
We live in the Kansas City metro area in a home we bought 5 years ago and it is full of fun updating projects we’ve enjoyed doing ourselves. As a family, we enjoy going swimming (ocean and pools), visiting friends and family in different parts of the country, cooking and eating new recipes, and visiting playgrounds and museums. We have a sweet, lab/spaniel mix dog, Molly and she loves going to the park with us and chasing tennis balls. If we had to describe our family values with three words, we’d chose family, free time, and balance.


We highly value family connections. We both grew up far away from cousins, grandparents, aunts, and uncles, and we think that we really missed out on creating good family relationships because of it. As a result, we decided to be intentional about living close to extended family members and seeking out time to spend together and also to have our kid(s) spend time with their cousins. A new baby added to our family would instantly have 1 cousin in Orlando, and 6 cousins in the Kansas City metro area which he/she would see frequently during playdates, birthdays, family get-togethers, and vacations. And we would (depending on your comfort level) invite you to come too!

Free Time

Like many people, we live in a world dominated by busyness, but we put a lot of significance on free time. We do have jobs and activities during the day, however we don’t want to be the family who rushes from activity to activity from morning til late evening. That seems like an exhausting way of living to us! Being in the moment and having the freedom to chose something different or just downtime with each other is something we all appreciate. Sometimes that can look like a spontaneous trip to Dairy Queen for Blizzards. Other times it is being available to pick someone up from the airport, or helping someone move some large furniture. We like building plenty of padding into our schedules to allow for things like this. Something else for us that also gives us more free time is my (Seth’s) office is 1 mile from where we live. As a result, I am able to come home every day for lunch with our family and spend a maximum of 10 minutes a day commuting!


In an age of extremes (politics, religion, and lifestyles), we value moderation. Although we often fall on different sides of the spectrums above, we try to find common ground and we appreciate the ability to compromise to achieve greater outcomes for all involved. Whether it’s just our relationship or the culture we live in, we believe that trying to understand the other side and considering that others have good ideas too is helpful for all involved. This is a value we hope to pass on to our kids.

So that’s a little about us! We look forward to meeting you soon!