Dear Expectant Parents,
We’re honored to “meet” you. I imagine just looking through this profile is difficult for you. We realize that, we respect your decision. We want you to know we feel privileged that you are taking a few moments out of your time to take a glimpse into our life. We feel blessed that life has brought us together if only for a moment or for a lifetime. We look forward to getting to know you throughout the years if our lives become forever intertwined.

Get ready to go on a little journey, one that gives you a snapshot into our life.

Our story

We started dating in 2010 after being good friends for six months. It was your typical boy meets girl, girl sees boy as simply a "friend," boy pursues girl until one day girl gives boy a romantic chance, and the rest is history. 

A little over a year into our relationship, we were engaged. Wade took him and I on a grand adventure throughout Kansas City reenacting many of our past dates as we created a time capsule along the way. We ended the day at Loose Park with him down on one knee. We married in the fall of 2012 at the age of twenty-two in a lovely ceremony at a church in Westport. We love that we got married younger, because we get the luxury of spending the majority of our life married to each other. We get to experience a lot of life together.

We would like to say everything in our life has been picture-perfect, but let’s be real…life isn’t picture-perfect, is it?  It throws so many curve balls. It kicks you when you’re down and tears are oftentimes left in its wake.

Six months into our marriage, we started trying for a little one. Weeks turned into months and months turned into years.
Still no baby!

We've had countless tests done and endured many procedures in the years following being diagnosed with infertility. The pain we felt, as we saw one line on pregnancy test after pregnancy test for years on end, was devastating. It’s hard to constantly be told no. It's hard to want something you can't have.  However, it’s crazy now to think about our journey and how it's prepared us for a time like this and how it's brought us closer in our marriage. It’s prepared us for this next chapter in our life. We can’t wait to grow our family through adoption.

I bet you’re wondering though what finally lead us to the decision that now was the time to adopt?

One day we were sitting on the couch and we looked over at each other. Wade asked, “What are we waiting for? Is it more important that we have a biological child or is it more important to us to start a family together?”

The answer had been made.

Meet my husband

My husband. It’s hard to sum him up in just a few sentences or even a few paragraphs, but I’ll give it my best try. Wade was born and raised in south Kansas City. He is twenty-six years old. I’m actually older than him by a whopping THREE days (I oftentimes tell him to respect his elders.) He’s the baby in his family of two brothers. Wade grew up in a family where the motto “if it’s broke, then fix it” stood strong. Wade grew up fixing cars among other things alongside his dad. He loves learning new things and how to do things himself.

Wade’s one-of-a-kind.
He’s an answer to my prayer of being connected to a man who will love, cherish and take care of me. He is the type of man with whom you just want to be best friends with. Wade is the hardest working soul that I have ever met. He works extremely hard as part of the management team at his job. He leads his life with patience and a leveled-head. He loves life. He’s a dreamer, which is something he’s taught me. He has many aspirations in life and he constantly strives towards them. He makes me a better person just being married to him. Oh, and he’s intelligent. He loves learning. Recently, we got an espresso machine. We’re “those” people, the type that are semi-obsessed with the perfect latte. He’s been having a blast learning different flavor combos and learning all about coffee art.

He loves to serve, and to laugh, his laugh, oh my goodness, contagious. He is seriously one of the most hilarious people that I’ve ever met. He will be the best dad. His patience, love, ability to work hard without complaining, and his spirit will make him golden for becoming the best daddy.

Meet my wife

My wife, Whitney, is many things. To describe her vaguely but accurately, I would have to say she’s AMAZING! She is twenty-six years old and was born in Kansas City, MO. She was raised in a military family, where her dad served in the Marine Corps. I believe being raised in a military home has played an enormous role in the person she is today. During her life, she has lived in many states: from California to New York. She has developed into a very cultured and compassionate lady with a definite moral compass from her upbringing. She currently has her BA in English and works as a receptionist.

If you could imagine a person who is both motivated and determined, but at the same time, perfectly balanced as a free spirit and abundantly caring, then you would be imagining my Whitney: a woman with more love than she knows what to do with. Her love overflows to those close to her and to strangers she encounters in the everyday. Having her in my life has helped me learn to love stronger and deeper and she’s made me a better man as cliché as that may be.

Being a mother is one of her greatest desires. She finds joy in being around children. Whitney really got the “baby bug” years ago when she worked at a daycare center. You could just sense that being a mother was one of her greatest desires/callings. We have worked hard towards that goal throughout the years. We now own our home and plan on Whitney being a stay-at-home mom once we are blessed with a child. What I am trying to paint for you is a picture of my wife through my eyes. I want you to see how she is loving, caring, brilliant, bright, and was created to be a mother.

Meet Barklee and his Missis

We know everyone thinks their pups are “the cutest,” but we really mean it. These two stinkers are the most loving and happy doggies.

Barklee is an almost four-year old poodle-terrier mix. We rescued him from a shelter. He’s a handsome little fellow. He's a lover. He loves to cuddle and to give us lots of kisses. He's also obsessed with chewing on his antlers.

Missis is a cutie. She is a daddy’s girl. She is an almost two-year old Chiweenie, half -Dachshund, half -Chihuahua. We call her our little lazy bones. She loves napping in the sun, wrestling with Barklee and showing him who’s boss.

These two pups love each other as well. Have you ever seen dogs give each other kisses? Whelp, ours do. We joke and say they’re married.

What does life look like on the everyday?

We enjoy a simple life filled with a lot of laughs, coffee, family and friends.

When we are not working (Wade has a full-time job and Whitney works part-time), we love to explore the city. We love exploring coffee shops. A few years ago, we ventured out on this mission to try as many coffee shops as we could in the metro area. I bet we are close to completing the list by now. We love playing boards games. Our board game collection is quite extensive. The other night we played the game of Life three times. It all came down to a tiebreaker game. I won’t mention who won, because it's all about having fun, right? Wade won. We love having friends over while we make biscuits and gravy and play hours of board games. I told you, we are game nerds.

Whitney enjoys taking countless photos of our life. She fell in love with photography when she worked as a photography assistant a few years ago. She displays many of her photos throughout our home. We enjoy spending time with our families. We are both very close with our parents and siblings and we are expecting our first nephew on Whitney's side of the family this April. Our families have both been extremely supportive along the infertility and adoption journey. We really couldn’t ask for a better support system! We also find support through prayer and attending our church.

When it boils down to our life, we love working towards our goals, in this case adoption, we love spending time together doing activities, and we love being around the ones we love.

Wade and I want to just take a moment to thank you again for reading a tad about our life. We know it doesn’t tell the whole story, but it does give you a sense of who we are. We hope to meet you soon and start our friendship with you.