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Aaron and Jimmy


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Let’s go on an awesome adventure!
Hi expectant mom!  We’re so excited to meet you! We’re Aaron and Jimmy and we have a deep commitment to a life of adventure. Trying new things, going new places, making new friends… we want life to be full of incredible memories and surrounded by all sorts of wonderful people. We hope that can include you, and the sweet little one.  

About Aaron

Aaron is from northwest Indiana. His family is still there and they are really wonderful people. Aaron worked as a teacher for 11 years and adores kids. He loves the outdoors: gardening, landscaping, hiking, biking, and especially being near the water. He’s the pet lover between us, the one who loves decorating the house at holidays, and never says no to going out dancing.  


About Jimmy

Jimmy is originally from Florida but has lived in places all over the USA and even places all over the world! Jimmy is the pop culture junkie in the family: TV, movies, books, and theater are his favorite topics. He works with teenagers, but loves kids of all ages. He’s the cook in the family and tries never to make the same thing twice… except for Aaron’s favorites.




Why Are We Doing This?

Before we even started dating, we talked about building a family. We both knew that if the other didn’t also want that, a relationship wasn’t worth pursuing. Our relationship was built long distance (Aaron was in Chicago, Jimmy lived here in Kansas City) and daily texts turned into phone calls turned into a first meeting six months after we met (we rode roller coasters and got introduced to what’s become our favorite cocktail “The Ricochet”). When we bought our house, it was imperative that it have a future baby’s room. We found a spot next to a local school that has a whole bunch of different kinds of families from all walks of life. We’re so lucky to have so many friends who also are having babies right now, our child is going to have such great community to grow up with. But deeper than that, more than anything in the world, we want to be dads. We believe that our home is supposed to be filled with life. We want our dinner table full, our rooms filled with laughter, and the walls covered with pictures of memories and adventures.


Where We Go from Here

We are so proud of you and can’t wait to meet you. What an incredible journey you’re on. We know that this is a huge decision to make and if we’re the right family for your baby, we can’t wait to meet you! We can’t wait to do all the baby things, but also can’t wait to have you over for dinner to hear more about your life and story.  We pray God will give you incredible peace about your decision. Best of luck!