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Adam and Paula



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Dear Expectant Birth Parents,
Hello! We are Adam and Paula. We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us to share in this journey with you. Our hearts go out to you during this difficult time. We are in awe of your strength and selflessness. While our circumstances are very different, we are connected by one major thing – love for a beautiful child of God. Our hope is that this profile gives you a glimpse into the type of life we lead and who we are -- a fun-filled, adventurous family FULL of love, grace, and acceptance, with lots more of all three to give to another child!! We are so excited to one-day hold, love, and care for another child and our sweet little Malachi (Kai) is ecstatic to have a sibling! Know that whether you choose us or not, we have the utmost respect and admiration for you and are praying for you as you go through this process.


Our Story

It was a warm day in October 2013, when we first saw each other at a church picnic. After dinner, I (Paula) won Adam over with my less-than-awesome Frisbee skills! We ran into each other a few weeks later and soon after went on our first date to see a Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert. At the concert, as we talked about life, family, college experience, and hobbies, Paula could not stop laughing at Adam's witty sense of humor, and Adam felt like he could really open up to Paula. Adam never forgets anything but that day he forgot where he parked because he was so nervous! We spent the evening laughing until we cried as Adam wondered aloud how he could have possibly lost his car! Not only was this OUR first date, but this was also Adam's first date ever! He had waited patiently for the woman of his dreams! A year and two months later, I found a ring in a KC Royals puzzle and we were engaged and on June 7, 2015, we were married!  Adam and I love going to baseball games together (just finished visiting all 30 MLB stadiums in 2019), watching the KC Chiefs football, collecting bobbleheads (we have two large cases and growing), taking hikes/walks, doing puzzles, watching movies/shows, traveling, spending time with family, and LAUGHING!   In January 2018, we began our adoption journey and were blessed with our beautiful little Valentine, Malachi (Kai) Gordon on February 14, 2019. We love our family more than anything, and we are so excited to add another child to our mix.



Why We are Adopting Again!

From the time I (Paula) was very young, I dreamed of mothering an adopted child. Somehow, I just knew that adoption was in my future. God had already prepared my heart when we found out we most likely could not conceive, though it was still difficult both physically and emotionally. Adam was quick to open his heart to adoption, and we started the journey as a united team excited to add a member to our family.  Being part of a large close-knit family with 22 nieces and nephews (both sides total), our love for children continued to grow and prepare for the day we became parents. We have seen the blessing of adoption first hand and our joy only multiplies when we think about adding to our family in this way again. Kai has changed our lives and healed our hearts in ways that we cannot begin to express and we have so much room in our hearts and home for another little miracle! We know there are challenges unique to adoption, but we are ready to face each challenge as it comes with a huge family full of support, encouragement, laughter, and most importantly - unconditional love. It is very important to us that our children are proud of their heritage and the special traits they get from their first parents. We feel a deep love and gratitude for Kai’s birth mom, and can assure you we will always treat you with the respect you deserve. We admire you very much for the selflessness and love you are showing to your child.


Adam about Paula

"Paula is the most energetic and compassionate woman I know. She's always up for an adventure and will adapt to any situation. She loves laughing and bringing joy and laughter to others; being outdoors; and spending time with Kai, with our ever-growing family, and with friends. Paula is a very relational person and her empathy and ability to connect with and enjoy others amazes me. She is one of 11 kids and a twin! The size and diversity of her family has helped her to become flexible/adaptable and to see the beauty of difference in personalities, beliefs, backgrounds, and cultures. She loves people and the gift of life. She loves Jesus and desires to love others as He loves us. She has a gift for welcoming people and goes out of her way to ensure no one feels left out. This desire to include everyone along with her energy were exactly why we met! She is very patient and understanding. I've seen Paula live out all of these qualities as she interacts with and loves on our little Kai and her nieces, nephews, and any child she meets. Her vibrant, loving, and caring personality are what make her an amazing mother. I can’t imagine a better wife for me; or mother for Kai and our future children."



Paula about Adam

Adam is the most faithful, supportive, thoughtful, and honest person I know. If someone had a need, he would be the first on the scene to help out. He cares so much for me, for our little Kai, and others, and loves me and Kai SO well. He is quiet in front of crowds, but when we are at home or in a small group, he can talk up a storm and make me laugh until I cry! You should see how Kai lights up when he is with Adam and just laughs and laughs. Adam makes me a better human because of his dedication to me, Kai, other family, and God. Adam loves baseball and the Kansas City Royals, and I have so much joy just being with him at games and watching him with Kai at the games. 

Adam has been reading adoption and parenting books since we started pursuing adoption so that he can be the best daddy possible showing his extreme loyalty and dedication to this journey. Because he loves quality time, our little Kai and future son or daughter will both be filled with daddy time! He is and will continue to be the most caring, loving, and loyal dad anyone could ask for.




Malachi (Kai)

Malachi (Kai) is the most amazing little boy. His name means “my angel” and he truly is just that. He is extremely energetic, friendly, and knows no stranger – he loves people! He lights up any space he enters with his joyful laugh, big eyes, and beautiful smile! He loves his cousins and friends and can't wait for a little brother or sister to share his life with and his overload of toys.






Family Life

Family is extremely important to us! The child we are blessed with will have, not only a mother, father, and brother that will love him/her to the fullest, but 22+ cousins, 20+ aunts and uncles, and 4 grandparents that will be there to play, to love, to encourage, and to help him/her experience a joyful life. Paula is number 5 of 11 kids and is a twin and Adam has one brother. Kai and his brother or sister is going to have 22 cousins with more to come! Our parents have been happily married for almost 90 years combined with many more to come! Paula’s parents raised all 11 children in a Christian home full of love and joy! Most of her family is from and still lives in the Midwest. Adam’s whole family lives within 30 minutes of us. Adam’s parents moved to the Kansas City area about a year ago to be closer to their boys and grandbabies. Paula’s family regularly get together for events and keep in touch via phone and text when we are not together in person. We have cousin camp every year in Iowa where all the nieces and nephews get to together- Kai got to go to 2019 cousin camp! Our entire family welcomed Kai Kai with open arms and hearts and are ecstatic to welcome another cousin, niece or nephew, or grandbaby!  



Our Thoughts on Open Adoption

We want you to know that you and your child are of utmost importance to us. We will teach our child about her loving birth parents and show them how much they are loved by both their birth parents and us as his/her adoptive parents. We would love to stay in connection with you and be there for you before and after birth. We will be happy to share pictures, letters, or meet in person periodically. We want to respect your wishes during this process whatever they may be as far as the openness of the relationship. We will love and cherish the child we are blessed with unconditionally, and will always reflect our thankfulness to you as his/her birth parents should you choose us.



In Closing

Thank you, again, for providing us the opportunity to share our lives with you through our profile. We want you to know that, before anything else, comes you and your child. Our ultimate goal is that you will have the support you need and your child will have the most loving, joyful, nurturing home possible. We are so excited to one day meet our child and his/her birth parent(s), to tell our child how loved he/she is every day - not just by us and his big brother, but also by our families, friends, and his/her birth parents, the bravest, most sacrificial people we will meet. We can’t wait to experience the pure joy of parenthood for the second time! If you chose us, we cannot promise a life for your child that is free from pain or hurt, but we can promise that we will be by his/her side through any obstacles he/she may face during life. We can promise that we will love the child we are blessed with and will cherish our son or daughter like the precious treasure he or she is. If you find that we are the couple that is meant to be your baby’s adoptive parents, know that we have been praying for you and your child and that the child you place in our family will receive the unconditional love you desire.