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Dear Expectant Birth Parents,
Hello! We are Adam and Paula, and we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us to provide you a brief glimpse into our lives. Our hearts go out to you during this extremely difficult time. We can only imagine how deeply you care about this child. Only a parent is able to see beyond him/herself and love a child so deeply that the baby’s needs come before anything else. We are in awe of your strength and selflessness. You sacrificed a part of yourself because you love your baby unconditionally. You are giving the most priceless gift a couple could ever receive–the gift of becoming a mommy and daddy. Although it was a devastating blow to find out that we could not have children on our own, this opportunity to adopt a child as God has adopted us as his son and daughter is an indescribable and beautiful gift. We would love the opportunity to get to know you and build a relationship with you, if that is your wish, and look forward to sharing our lives with you. Our prayer for you is that you feel God’s love and comfort during this difficult time and that you feel His presence and peace.

Adam and Paula’s Adoption Journey

We have been married for 3 years. We met at a church picnic at Loose Park in Kansas City on October 20, 2013. We both grew up in Christian homes and seek to put Christ at the center of our lives, so it was fitting to meet at a church function. Paula, being a people person, introduced herself to Adam. Paula caught Adam’s eye despite her poor Frisbee skills which were revealed at the picnic. After all, she surely had other talents. After that event, Adam continued to find ways to see Paula and found that she picked up on his sense of humor. He asked her on a date to a Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert and it was there we both realized how much we loved being with each other. We discussed Paula’s huge family and passion for life and Adam’s list of 28 goals to complete before he turned 28 (his last 1 was not revealed to Paula at that time). We laughed so much and had such a great time that we forgot where the car was parked and had to search for the car for about an hour after the concert, laughing the whole time. Three months later Adam told Paula his 28th goal was to take a girl on a date, and I helped him accomplish his 28th goal! A year later, Adam asked Paula to marry him. The ring was in a Kansas City Royals Puzzle. We love the KC Royals and are baseball fanatics with a goal of visiting all 30 MLB stadiums in 5 years. We collect KC Royals bobbleheads and have custom bobbleheads of ourselves. The ring being in a Royals puzzle just made perfect sense. We found out in 2017 that we could likely not have children. After several failed IUIs, we decided not to pursue fertility treatments any longer and put our hearts fully into adoption. Although it was devastating to find we could not have children biologically, I (Paula) have always felt that God was going to bless me with a child in a different way, through adoption. We are both so excited about adoption and can’t wait to meet our baby and his or her expectant parents.

Adam about Paula

Paula and her twin brother are numbers 4 and 5 in a family of 11 kids (seriously). She was born and raised in a small town in Iowa. Because Paula came from such a large family, she has a unique ability to work well with so many different personality types and support them and their interests. She's always up for an adventure and is very flexible and willing to adapt to any situation. Paula is the most energetic, loving, encouraging, and compassionate woman I know. She loves the Lord and loves His people. She's an extremely relational person and frequently meets one on one with other women to drink coffee and encourage one another. She loves to laugh and strives to bring joy and laughter to others. She empathizes with others and comforts them in times of need. She has a gift for welcoming new people and building relationships. She'll go out of her way to ensure no one feels left out. This desire to include everyone was key to us meeting for the first time! She is always patient and understanding which will definitely come in handy with a child. Paula has a depth that other's hearts find comfort in. She is an incredible listener and offers insight into who you are and what you are going through. Paula is also genuinely excited for every success of others and I could not imagine a better quality for a mom. I've seen Paula live out each of her strengths and positive qualities as she interacts with her 20 nieces and nephews, presenting an energetic, loving, and caring personality that I know will make her an amazing mom. Paula’s hobbies: hosting, spending time with friends and families, walking/hiking, being in nature, KC Royals, baseball in general (especially keeping score), baking, tennis, babysitting nieces and nephews, crocheting baby blankets, reading/listening to books, singing anytime and anywhere, dancing, and playing the piano

Paula about Adam

Adam is the baby of his family. He was raised in a tiny town in Missouri with his parents and a brother. Adam must have been raised right because he is the most self-giving, supportive, thoughtful, and honest person I have ever met. If someone had a need he would be the first to the scene to help out. He cares so much for myself and for others and loves me so well. He is quiet in front of large crowds, but when we are at home or with a small group, he can talk up a storm and make me laugh until I cry. He knows everything about sports, history, current news, and health trends. If I ever have a question about anything, he is the first person I go to. He loves the Kansas City Royals, and I find so much joy in watching him at games and have absolutely loved visiting the 30 MLB stadiums with him. Adam is so faithful to me and is such a kind-hearted, patient man. He calms me down when I am anxious, he lifts me up when I am down, and he makes me a better human being by his presence and his dedication to me, family, friends, and God. Where I am weak, he is strong; he makes me complete. He will be the most caring, supportive, loyal dad anyone could ask for. Adam’s hobbies: family and friends, walking/running, exercise, KC Royals and baseball, sports in general (watching and playing), being outside, wood-working, cooking fun foods, reading, history

Family Life

Family is extremely important to us! The child we are blessed with will have, not only a mother and father that will love him/her to the fullest, but 20+ cousins, 20+ aunts and uncles, and 4 grandparents that will be there to play, to love, to encourage, and to help him/her experience a joyful life. Six of Paula’s siblings are married giving Paula and Adam 18 nieces and nephews to love and enjoy. Paula’s parents have been happily married for 45 years and counting! Paula’s parents raised all 11 children in a Christian home full of love and joy! Most of her family is from and still lives in the Midwest, but she has one brother-in-law from China who has brought so much joy to the family including 2 nieces and 3 nephews and provided a beautiful picture of diversity and culture. Adam, being the youngest in his family, grew up a momma’s boy. His whole family lives within 30 minutes of us. Adam’s parents moved to the Kansas City area about a year ago to be closer to their boys and grandbabies. Adam has two adorable nephews who would love to have a cousin on Adam’s side who lives close to them. Adam’s parents have been married 40 years. His mother is a retired elementary teacher and has a special gift in relating to children. She babysits her two grandchildren at least 2 days every week and is overjoyed to have more grandbabies! Both of our families love to spend time together! Paula’s family enjoys family vacations or staycations every year at our family’s large home out in the country in a small town in Iowa. All the nieces and nephews get to go to Grandma and Grandpa’s to a cousin camp hosted by Paula’s mom. At Thanksgiving, both sides of the family have a huge Thanksgiving meal together, and Paula’s family goes out to a farm and picks out a real tree which is NEVER shorter than 14 feet tall! We watch White Christmas as a family while putting the lights and ornaments on the tree. Paula and Adam’s families grew up celebrating Christmas on Christmas Eve. Since we are married, we now go to Paula’s side of the family for Christmas Eve and Adam’s for Christmas Day. On Christmas Eve after shopping with Paula’s dad for a present for her mom, we have a talent show performed by all our nieces and nephews. It is so fun! After that, we go to the Christmas Eve candle lighting service followed by a birthday party for Jesus with a cake and sing Christmas carols! Then we open presents, and there are so many! The next morning, Adam and I drive back to home and celebrate with Adam’s parents who live very close to Adam. We also get to spend time with Adam’s nephews and eat a Christmas dinner together. Our families are so full of love and so excited to welcome another niece, nephew, or grandchild to the family. We can’t wait to see our child perform the talent show with their cousins, go on Easter egg hunts, attend cousin camp, and be able to enjoy the love and joy our families bring to the picture.

Our Thoughts on Open Adoption

We want you to know that you and your child are of utmost importance to us. We will teach our child about her loving birth parents and show them how much they are loved by both their birth parents and us as his/her adoptive parents. We would love to stay in connection with you and be there for you before and after birth. We will be happy to share pictures, letters, or meet in person periodically. We want to respect your wishes during this process whatever they may be as far as the openness of the relationship. We will love and cherish the child we are blessed with unconditionally, and will always reflect our thankfulness to you as his/her birth parents should you choose us.


In Closing

Thank you, again, for providing us the opportunity to share our lives with you through our profile. We want you to know that, before anything else, comes you and the child. Our ultimate goal is that you will have the support you need and your child will have the most loving, joyful, nurturing home possible. We are so excited to one day meet our child and our child’s birth parent(s), to tell our child how loved he/she is every day - not just by us, but by our family, friends, and his/her expectant parents, our angel and the bravest, most sacrificial person we have ever met. We can’t wait to experience the pure joy of parenthood, to be able to love our child unconditionally, to feed, change diapers, give baths, spend sleepless night loving and caring for the baby, and each and every single thing that comes from becoming a parent. If you chose us, we cannot promise a life for the child that is free from pain or hurt, but we can promise that we will be by our son or daughter’s side through any obstacles he/she may encounter during life. We can promise that we will love the child we are blessed with and will cherish our son or daughter like the precious treasure he or she is. If you find that we are the couple that is meant to be your baby’s adoptive parents, know that we have been praying for you and your child and that the child you place in our family will receive the unconditional love you desire. You and your child are our miracle.