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We are Crosbi and Brandon from Wellsville KS. We first want to say thank you, For looking at our letter, and for giving us the opportunity to create a potential adoption plan with you. What you are doing is brave and commendable. Both Brandon and Crosbi were raised in large families and always had large get-together growing up, so we both knew one day we would love to have children. Unfortunately, we are unable to have any of our own. We would like to tell you a little about ourselves and why we would love to adopt!

Our story

brandon-and-crosbi - 1st-paragraph.jpgWe initially met in 2009 at a New Year’s Eve party and then ran into each other again a few months later and started dating. We dated on and off for several years until 2015 when we decided to make it official and tie the knot. Both of us are originally from Dodge City, KS (born and raised) and after some moving around we decided to settle down outside of the KC metro area. We both have family close by, which was a big factor when deciding where to live. We began growing our family with a Great Dane named Reese, we may be partial but believe she is one of the sweetest animals you will ever meet! We then expanded our ‘pack’ with Stone, a black Labrador. And finally, Juniper, a chocolate lab. They are all loving and great around children, especially the youngest June, who would love to have a companion to tag along after. 



Crosbi about Brandon

Brandon is a Journeyman Lineman for Evergy and has been in the trade since 2008. His  main passion is hunting. He loves the outdoors and is outside any chance he can get. Brandon trains our two labs in bird hunting to take with him when he goes out into the fields. He loves to deer hunt with his bow and fish in the summer. Brandon loves children and is patient and kind. He taught a little league team for several years and always enjoys taking family friends’ children out to teach them about hunting or fishing. The attribute that Crosbi loves best about Brandon is his contagious laugh and ability to bring a smile to anyone's face. 

Brandon about Crosbi 

Crosbi is a Captain and Paramedic for Franklin County EMS. She also assists in teaching EMS labs at JCCC. Prior to being in EMS she worked as a surgical assistant for 8 years and was a CNA prior to that. She has a passion for helping others in need. She enjoys hunting and fishing in her spare time.  Her favorite hobbies include reading, cooking, and gardening but she prefers to spend time with loved ones any day of the week. Crosbi loves animals and hopes to be able to bring more farm animals to their property in the coming years.   

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We are wanting to adopt to not only expand our family but have the opportunity to raise a child in a loving home similar to what we had. To share our knowledge of the world with a little one and watch a child grown with the life values we would be able to share as parents. It is also very important to both of us that the birth family is involved in the raising of the child. Hopefully being able to visit on birthdays and special occasions, as well as sharing pictures of important life events. A child needs so much love and we don’t believe they would feel whole without those aspects in place. The child would be raised to be respectful, loyal, compassionate, and would always know that they had a home to come to in any time of need. 


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Both of us have family who live close by and who we have close relationships with. It is not unusual for the both of us to be going to a niece or nephews birthday party or sporting event or having Sunday dinner together. Holidays are always a large gathering with lots of laughter and love. We both have several nieces and nephews ranging in age from 15 to 1! Family is a very near and dear to both of their hearts. 



brandon-and-crosbi - final-paragraph.jpgWe both know the decisions that you are going to be making in the future will be very hard, and we do not take that for granted. We want to thank you again for reading our letter. And know that whatever you choose, we will be wishing the best for you and your young one.


With Love,  Crosbi and Brandon