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Brendan and Kellie



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Dear Friend,
We are so excited to be a part of this piece of life with you. We are thrilled for our family to grow and for Jensen to have a younger sibling. Our hope is that this profile gives you a glimpse into the type of life we lead and who we are. The one thing that we can guarantee is that our children will have a rich life. Not rich in the materialistic way, but rather, rich in the relationship way, the love way, the joy way, and the support way.

Our story

We’ve been together for a decade, and married for 7 of those years. We were both born and raised in Kansas City and have large extended families here that we spend weekends and holidays with. We lived in Southern California as newlyweds, and have been back in KC for the past 5 years. Kellie is a dog trainer and high school soccer coach. Brendan is an entrepreneur and a musician. We have two dogs named Denim and Rue, and two Chinchillas named Sprinkles and Ashes. Our house is seldom quiet with animals and a three year old, but we sure know how to live life to the fullest!      



Kellie about Brendan

The thing that attracted me to Brendan was his humor and ability to make me laugh. Brendan is the optimist of the family. He is an extremely hard worker, and his work never ceases to amaze me as he provides for our family. Brendan is a great dad and knows how to make Jensen laugh as well. Brendan is a very talented musician. One of my favorite things to do is watch him play. He is who you want for the ups and downs in life...he’s a great teammate in marriage.





Brendan about Kellie

Kellie is supermom. She is constantly thinking of ways to enrich Jensen’s life. Whether it’s swim lessons, a new park, or trying a new ice cream store, she loves being a mom and bringing joy to Jensen’s life. Kellie will never say it, but she was a great soccer player throughout high school and college (she’s super competitive so I have to let her win sometimes :) She always brightens my day, is extremely loyal, a lover of all creatures, and a great wife.      




We added Jensen to our family through open adoption in 2016. She will be 3 in November (but acts like she’s 25!). She is very active, strong willed, and has a vibrant personality. She loves to sing and dance, and good luck getting her out of a bounce house!  We keep in touch with her birth mom and have a great relationship with her. Jensen has two younger cousins and loves spending time with them. She cannot wait to be a big sister.      


Thank You

Thank you for considering us! Having gone through the adoption process we know how amazing the whole experience can be. We cannot imagine the emotion and energy it takes to work towards this decision, we are thinking and praying for you every day.