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Hello, our names are Brian and Lisa.
We want to thank you for reading our profile. We greatly admire your bravery and devotion as you continue on this path to find an amazing family for your baby. We long to become parents and have so much love to give!

Brian. . .

brian-and-lisa - Brian.jpgBorn and raised in South Dakota, Brian (43) is very caring and fun-loving. He has a younger sister, and his parents have been married for over 40 years. He has two nieces who love their Uncle B. Brian earned his college degree in Mechanical Engineering and has worked diligently since 1997 in that profession. He has traveled to Mexico and China for work, and to various US locations for vacations. Brian likes to camp with his family, cycle, take care of our house, and hang out with friends and our families. He cycled competitively and rode in the MS 150 several times. His latest home project is refinishing our basement- it will be a great play area when it is done! He is a kind, smart, loving person, and an awesome husband. Even our two cats adore Brian!

Lisa. . .

brian-and-lisa - Lisa.jpgLisa (44) grew up in Kansas with her parents and two older brothers. She has one 13-year-old niece who she loves to hang out with and a nephew on the way! She graduated from college with a degree in psychology. She currently works for a successful employee benefits company and hopes to stay home to raise children, when that time comes. Lisa is fun-loving and sees the best side in everyone. She loves to camp, garden, walk, and cook. Spending time with nieces, siblings, parents, and friends keep her busy. Donating to charity and cooking for ailing friends and neighbors is Lisa's way to give back to the world. Her ultimate dream is to have a child of her own, to share this full, happy life with and pour love into.

Us. . .

brian-and-lisa - Together.jpgWe met online and had our first date at a sushi restaurant. We like to go back there for special dates! We have now been married for over three years. We have a happy, respectful, fulfilling marriage. We have a nice home in the suburbs, with a big backyard and a garden in the summertime. We both work hard at our jobs, and when the time comes, Lisa will be staying home to raise our child, just as our mothers each did with us. We are very fortunate to be able to make this choice! In our free time, we enjoy cycling, camping, going on dates and attending church. We have a close group of friends who love to get together often for potlucks, KU basketball games, and birthdays. We are so excited to have such a close-knit, built-in community of kids to introduce our child to. We also celebrate birthdays and holidays with both sides of our family each year, with meals, gifts, domino games, and time together. Our constant hope is to bring a child into our family. We learned last December that we could not get pregnant, but we knew that was not the end of our path toward parenthood. We have so much to share and offer. And so we continue on, with wonder and excitement, waiting for the day we can find that child and begin our new life together.

And you. . .

brian-and-lisa - house.jpgYour role in this child’s life will always be respected and greatly admired. Bringing this child into the world is a selfless, compassionate act of love. We want this child to know just how much love you have already been poured into their existence before they even entered the world. Our intention is to continue what you have started in the best way we know how- in a home filled with life, joy, work, and play, reality, and peace.

Together. . .

brian-and-lisa - Together_2.jpgBrian and I hope to offer you support and a strong alliance to give your baby a wonderful life. We plan to represent you to the child in the best light and answer every question they have about the person who made their life possible. We look forward to sharing their development milestones, funny stories, and happy moments with you as they grow and become their own person. Please feel free to ask us anything, and we will gladly help you however we can. We look forward to meeting you!