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Hello! We’re happy you stopped by! Although this is a strange way to introduce ourselves, we hope this profile gives you an idea of who we are and what our lives are like. We can’t imagine all the thoughts and questions that may be on your mind. While some things may feel uncertain, two things are very clear: how much you love your baby and how brave you are in exploring which path is best for you both. We haven’t met you, but we admire your courage already. We have known we wanted children since the beginning of our relationship; in fact, during one of our early dates we talked about our dreams for a family one day. Over time, we learned that we cannot biologically have children but we can create a family through adoption. We believe love is what builds a family and is the most important foundation of all. It is that same belief that guides us to open adoption and a desire to cultivate a respectful and caring relationship with you.



bryan-and-rachel - 2-Story-of-UsThe Story of Us

We were introduced through a mutual friend in 2011 when we were both 24. We instantly liked each other and several long phone conversations followed. Then, Bryan asked Rachel out and the rest is history with our wedding on October 5th, 2013. Over almost 7 years of marriage, we’ve worked hard to remodel our little home and love taking the dogs on walks, camping trips and to the disc golf course. Some of our favorite memories together are days spent fishing, going to the movies and traveling to explore different cities across the country. We’re 33 now and our birthdays are 4 days apart - so for 4 days in March Bryan calls Rachel his cougar. 😊




bryan-and-rachel - 3-Bryan-by-RachelBryan - by Rachel

I can’t imagine my life without Bryan. He is truly the most patient, gentle and steady man I have ever known. Building a life with Bryan has meant finding more reasons to play; he’s always up for an adventure and likes to prioritize quality time with those he loves. He enjoys hunting and is the best shortstop softball has ever seen, in my opinion. He is a man of deep faith and lives a life rooted in God’s love. Bryan is never too busy to help his friends or family and is one of the first to get down on the floor to play with nieces and nephews. These are just a few reasons I know he will be a wonderful father. I know with all my heart that Bryan will be a loving provider and daddy to our little one, and I can’t wait to watch him step into that role.





bryan-and-rachel - 4-Rachel-by-Bryan.jpgRachel - by Bryan

Rachel, driven by her deep faith in Jesus, is the most loyal and encouraging friend a person could wish to have. Regardless of others’ presence or absence of faith, she is genuinely concerned far more about the well-being of others than she often is for herself. Having 19 nieces and nephews, I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seen her console a hurting child, and she regularly cooks meals for families in need. Rachel loves animals, and our two “puppies” are her second and third best friends (behind me, of course). She has found a great way to bring structure into my “free-spirit” life while still maintaining the ability to adventure and explore. Rachel enjoys anything related to reading and learning new things, and her latest efforts have centered around our vegetable garden where she continues to show her abilities to nurture and improve the environment around her. She also loves anything music-related and took both piano and voice lessons through high school and college. I’m excited to watch her as a mother and to see her share that same selflessness and balance to our child one day.




bryan-and-rachel - 5-Family.jpgFamily

The baby we bring into our extended families has been long waited for and will be loved and adored. Our kiddo will have 19 cousins, 12 aunts and uncles, 4 grandparents, and 3 great grandmas that cannot wait to meet him or her. Bryan grew up in Colorado and all his family still live in the west. We enjoy getting to see them at holidays and various family functions; Christmas trips to Colorado are beautiful. Rachel grew up in a small local town, and we get to see her family regularly. With so many kids, family gatherings are loud and fun, filled with lots of food, laughter and love. Family is important to us and we can’t wait to build traditions with our little one such as reading bedtime stories, baking Christmas cookies, carving pumpkins and going to the zoo.



bryan-and-rachel - 6-Our-Promise.jpgOur Promise

Our promise is simple. We promise to unconditionally love, guide and protect our child with our whole hearts for our whole lives, no matter what. We promise to practice openness and honesty in our relationship with our child and his/her birth-family, doing everything we can to make sure our child knows how loved they are by their whole family, both birth and adoptive. No child can have too many people in their lives that love them. If you find that we are the couple you choose, we look forward to meeting you and building a friendship. Whether you choose us or not, as you walk this journey, please know we believe and pray only the best things for you. With Love, Rachel and Bryan