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Dear Birth Parents

As you will learn in this profile, we met at a Halloween party on October 28, 2006, lived together since 2007, and finally became legally married on August 23, 2013. We're an active couple in Midtown, Kansas City in a close-knit community. With both of us working for the United States Courts, our careers are busy but have plenty of flexibility to devote time and effort into raising and caring for a family.

Our lives are centered on family, friends, and volunteering in our neighborhood. Being in nature is one of our favorite pastimes, whether its growing tomatoes, hiking a new state park trail, or exploring an underground cave. We also enjoy staying at home, watching Netflix and snuggling with our many animals.

To be honest, we vacillated between whether or not we wanted to start a family for quite some time until we read an article from a mom who said, "I just couldn't decide whether I wanted a child and then I asked myself: in 20 years would I regret not starting a family? Yes, was my answer." We live our lives with no regrets and want nothing more than to start a family and raise a child. Reading bedtime stories, fighting closet monsters, learning about butterflies and planets, attending their graduations, and exposing them to a diverse world of people, celebrations and events are just a small portion of what we want to share with a child. We're also looking forward to getting to know you and your family and developing lasting relationships; because a healthy and successful adoption involves all participants.

If after receiving a glimpse of our lives through this profile, you feel like you would like to meet us in person, please contact Adoption Option, Inc at (913) 642-7900. We would love to meet you, share more of our story with you and discuss our hopes for an open adoption.

Christopher and Johnathon

Christopher According to Johnathon

chris-and-johnathon - Christopher-According-to-Johnathon-1.jpgMy wonderfully brilliant Christopher is someone who everyone should know. He is quiet and reserved until he gets to know people, but he loves to have a good time with friends and family. We are different enough that we typically prefer to be around each other as often as we can. A lot of people tell us that they couldn't work with their spouse, but I enjoy that we are close to one another every day. Christopher is the gadget and fix it guy who likes to work on small projects and get things up and running, he also is the best assistant chef. What initially attracted me to Chris (besides his looks) was the fact we share the same sense of weird esoteric humor. He always makes me laugh and supports me when I need to cry. Never in my life have I met someone so willing to uphold my happiness and support me in all of the many adventures I get into. He is my rock, my soul, my heart and my inspiration.

Johnathon According to Christopher

chris-and-johnathon - Johnathon-According-to-Christopher-1.jpgJohnathon has to be one of the most positive and high energy people I have ever met. He is also one of the funniest, and not a day goes by that we don't share many laughs together. I can also say that he is the morning person in our relationship, he is as bright as the sun even when it is still dark outside. Johnathon can walk into a room and make you feel like family in no time at all. He is genuine, sweet, kind, and above all else very caring. You will often find him experimenting with a new recipe in the kitchen, working on his latest craft project, or simply tuning into nature by gardening. Whatever he may be working on that day, I always know that it will be an adventure by the time we are finished. Our nephew and nieces love spending time with him, he is often on all fours with them playing whatever game they have come up with. He not only shares his love and laughs with me but with them as well.

Our Story

chris-and-johnathon - Our-Story-1.jpgJohnathon and Chris have been married since August the 23, 2013 and have been together for 11 years. Johnathon was dressed as a pirate and Chris was dressed as Julius Caesar, when they met for the first time at a mutual friend's Halloween party on October 28, 2006. They hit it off instantly, regaling each other with stories, snuggling on a chilly back porch and referencing Family Guy quotes, clearly loving to make each other laugh. When Johnathon met Chris, he was working at a radio station fresh out of college and Johnathon was working the front counter at Jackson County Circuit Court. After about six months of courtship, they moved in together and started their animal family. Currently, Johnathon is the Assistant to the Court Executive at the U.S. District Court in Kansas City, Missouri and Christopher works there as well as an IT Technician. The strengths in our relationship are honesty, trust, commitment, friendship, and love. We share a common belief in people as well as nature. We have a deep appreciation of life and the connectivity of everything from the stars to each other. We always try to find ways to strengthen our relationship. We both lost over 100 pounds together, bought a house and continue to volunteer in our community. These are things that show how strong we are as a couple; strong on our own but better together. Another strength is that we talk about everything that is bothering us or what's on our mind; even if it casts an unfavorable light. We know we have the wherewithal and emotional capacity to make it through whatever life throws at us. We have been through a lot of life experiences together in a short period of time, which has brought us even closer day by day. Partners, friends and forever in love: these are our strengths.

Our Home

chris-and-johnathon - Our-Home-1.jpgWe live in Midtown Kansas City, in a very diverse urban neighborhood that is over 100 years old. Every month there is always something going on in our community whether it's special events or neighborhood clean-ups. The calendar is packed with activities and neighborhood meetings that we attend and often lead as members of the board and chairs of the committees. It is our ideal spot for neighbors helping neighbors.


Our Fur Babies

chris-and-johnathon - Our-Fur-Babies-1.jpgAt our home, everyone is greeted by our dog Bishop when they first arrive. Bishop is an Alaskan Malamute mix with very high energy. We also have three indoor cats and one that is indoor and out. We started our furry family not long after we met and love all of them very much. Leo, our terrier mix, is still with us in our hearts as he was our first fur baby, and we miss him dearly. Raising all them provided us with a set of skills that became an influence in wanting to become parents.


Our Interests

chris-and-johnathon - Our-Interests-1.jpgA love of science, nature, as well as arts, theatre and music is something we both share. We also enjoy going on adventures and traveling to places we have never been before. In Colorado, we went on a hike to Lone Pine Lake which ended up being 4 miles straight up! Seeing the mountains for the first time was awe inspiring. It really was one of the best adventures that we have taken so far and we look forward to going to new places with all of our family in the future. A deep appreciation and respect for Nature is something we both share and that carries through to our outdoor and gardening activities--there is something to be said about coaxing life out of the soil. We find it incredibly vital that children experience this and learn these valuable skills.

Our Friends

chris-and-johnathon - Our-Friends-1.jpgFriends are the family that you choose and our group is a supportive, caring, and funny group indeed. We have all been through a lot together and separately. We know we will continue to be supported in our new lives as parents, and we can always count on each other no matter what.




Our Family

chris-and-johnathon - Our-Family-1.jpgJohnathon’s close family consists of his Mother Rebecca, Granny Patricia, and Aunt Shelly. His sister Ashley and her husband Jose have two daughters Bella and Kate. He has extended family including Uncles and Aunts and cousins who are all very close. They all enjoy getting together at each holiday (and the often impromptu get-togethers) to celebrate life. Happily, they live in the neighborhood, too. Chris's close family includes his Mother Patricia, sister Jennifer and her husband Trevor. Jenn and Trevor have two children Emma and Connor. Chris has a large extended family of aunts, uncles, and cousins who typically get together at family reunions. The cornerstone of this close-knit family is honesty and trust, which has helped to create an everlasting bond.

Our Lives as Uncles

chris-and-johnathon - Our-Lives-as-Uncles-1.jpgJohnathon has a younger sister Ashley who is married to Jose and they have two beautiful girls Bella and Kate. Christopher has an older sister Jennifer who is married to Trevor and they have two great kids, Emma and Connor. Many weekends have been spent having fun, taking care of, and learning with the nieces and nephew. The children of our close friends have many opportunities to spend time with us as well. It truly is a gift to spend time with the children in our lives and provide them with a positive influence and a window into the diverse world we live in. It is also an opportunity to gain ample experience in the realm of child-rearing.


Why We are Pursuing Open Adoption

chris-and-johnathon - Why-We-are-Pursuing-Adoption-1.jpgWe wanted to start growing our family after we were able to get married and started exploring the ways in which we could do so. We decided to adopt because we want to provide a child with health, happiness, love, a home that encourages imagination and the ambition to attain his/her goals. Johnathon's family is always close to us (literally on the same block): they are as loving and boisterous as he is and is always a quick call away to lend a hand. Johnathon's sister Ashley is a stay at home mom who has offered to provide childcare while we are both working, however, we plan on taking 12 weeks of paternity leave. The choice of an open adoption gives the child the best chance to succeed in their life. We want to create a plan with you that works for all of us. It would be great if our child could grow up knowing you and understanding fully who he/she is and where he/she came from. We would like to develop a relationship with you that would fully support our child.

A Message to you

We cannot imagine the difficult decision you are about to make; however, it is our hope that this profile provided a glimpse into our world and also some comfort of who we are as a family. We wanted to show you what we value and more importantly how your child would thrive in our family. As we patiently wait to welcome a baby into our lives, we do not forget how this decision impacts you, and we wish you well throughout this process. Thank you for your consideration, Christopher and Johnathon