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Our names are Darren and Oscar! We are a couple that cannot wait for the opportunity to be parents! We feel honored that you are taking time to learn more about us! We want you to know that we respect the sacrifice you are about to make for this child. We want you to know how much admire your strength as you go through this process. We also want you to know that we want to be parents that keep your role in the forefront of this child’s mind.

This relationship started over ten years ago!

We were introduced by a mutual friend who just kept saying we were perfect for each other. We were shocked when we met and realized how right he was and how much alike we truly were. We are not the example of “opposites attract”. We are more similar than people expect just meeting us. The night we met we were in almost the exact same outfit. We also were so pleased with how easy it was to talk to each other. Our conversation went on and on. It was an instant connection! We dated for the next 3 years as Oscar finished nursing school. We were married 7 years ago in front of 350 wonderful friends and family members. We remarried a few years later when our marriage became recognized by the state!

When I met Oscar I was instantly drawn to him

darren-and-oscar - IMG_0026.jpg"The night he met all of my closest friends, I knew he was the one! He just has this "spark" about him. His eyes sparkle and his smile sparkles. It truly draws people to him! He is so great at meeting new people and his sincerity shows as he remembers so many little details about them and their life. When he laughs, the world laughs with him! It is infectious! He is such a caring man and he is such a smart man! He loves our puppies so much and spends so much time making sure they know that! He is a great friend to many and a great family member to his parents, sister, and niece! My family adores him! He is an incredible husband and I am honored to be married to such a special man! I can’t wait to see him spread his love to a child!" from Darren


When I met Darren, I was instantly drawn to his huge heart and his fun-loving spirit!

darren-and-oscar - 21032568_714503105407247_4151716597965587296_n.jpg"I was amazed how quickly we connected! It didn’t take long to see that Darren is known as a very caring and nurturing man! He is generous in his love for others and their well being! He is a Mentor to so many people in his life, which is part of the reason I can see him being a great Dad! He is so much like his Mom, his Hero in life! They are very close and communicate all of the time. When I am around her, I am amazed at how similar they are! I couldn’t imagine my life without Darren in it. He spoils me by making every moment special and by making every experience count! I can’t wait to see him do this with a child!" from Oscar

Together we love to travel!

We love a great new restaurant! We love movies that make us cry! We love to see other parts of the world and learn what makes each culture special. We want our children to experience this too. We want them to see that in all areas of the world there are very special people! We love our families a lot and we love to have any time we can with them! We can’t wait to introduce them to their new Grandchild/ niece or nephew and cousin! We love spending time with our friends! We travel with our friends and their kids! We love to cook for them and entertain them! Many of our friends and family members have children, so this child will be surrounded! Not to mention, we live in a subdivision full of children! We love life and we love embracing special moments together and with the ones we love! We can’t wait to do this with our child! Our dogs are excited too. When our friends come over with their kids, the dogs follow them everywhere! The can't wait to catch a moment to sneak a big kiss on the faces of these kids, but they are so sad when it is time for them to leave! in our eyes, our Family is our gifts we were blessed enough to be born with. Our Friends are the family we choose in life and we are very lucky to have a large group of these people. But we are missing one vital piece of our lives...A CHILD! We want the opportunity to love a child and give them the best life we possibly can! We want to teach them how special they are and help them see the impact they can have in the world...starting with the impact they will have on their Daddy’s lives!!!

And now most importantly we want you to know how we feel about you!

We want you to be a part of the life of this child in a way you feel comfortable. This child will know about you and your role in creating them. They will know the sacrifice you made for them and how it was based out of love and interest in their well being! We will make sure they know what a gift it is that you chose us! We will make sure they know what a gift you are on all levels. We cannot begin to imagine how hard this decision is! Please know that we have a very loving household and that we can’t wait to share that love with a child!! THANK YOU for your consideration! THANK YOU for your sacrifice! THANK YOU for your time to learn more about us! We wish you the best! Darren and Oscar