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erik-and-tiffany - 1.-Intro-Picture-for-waiting-family-page-and-first-picutre-of-profile.jpgHi there!

We can’t begin to understand the range of emotions you are feeling right now and we hope that you are surrounded in support and love. Educating yourself about all of your and your child’s options, shows us just how deeply you care for and love your child. We hope you know, no matter what you ultimately decide for your child that you are an amazing parent, right from the start. We want to take a moment to introduce ourselves, a hopeful start to a lifelong friendship. We are Erik and Tiffany and we are 28 and 27 year old hopeful parents. We live in the suburbs of Kansas City, Missouri and we have been happily married since 2013. We enjoy traveling and try to make one trip a year to gain new experiences.  


About Erikerik-and-tiffany - 2.-About-Erik-section.jpg

I grew up in the Kansas City area with an older brother, a twin sister and a younger brother all close in age. I was homeschooled and played baseball, soccer and basketball from the time I was 4 years old through high school. I still play in some recreational leagues for soccer when I can. I grew up on a dead end street with a creek and wooded area behind our house. Some of my best memories I have as a child are playing in the creek and wooded area with friends and family. I still enjoy spending time outdoors and building things. When I think about becoming an adoptive parent what I look forward to most is going camping with them, building forts in the house and whatever other activities they may choose.





erik-and-tiffany - 3.-About-Tiffany-section.jpgAbout Tiffany

I grew up in Northwest Missouri on a farm and went to a very (very) small public school. I have a large family and growing up we spent lots of time outside and played tons of board games. When I was young my family had game nights often and my favorite game was hide-and-go-seek with all the lights turned out in our home. My family still lives on the farm a few hours north of where Erik and I live now and I love spending time with them. I love spending my free time painting or playing Mario Kart and Super Mario.  When I think about becoming an adoptive parent I look forward most to reading lots of exciting books with them and playing all kinds of games together. I also look forward to seeing them grow and play with other children in our neighborhood.  





erik-and-tiffany - 4.-Our-Pets.jpgOur Pets

We have four fur babies – two dogs and two cats - that we love dearly! Our pets love watching and playing with kiddos when we have younger family members over. Our dogs lovetreats and taking walks with us around our neighborhood and our cats love cuddles on warm blankets.  




erik-and-tiffany - 5.-Our-PromiseOur Promise

If you choose to make an adoption plan with us, we promise your child will be loved every day by us, our families, and our friends. We promise to tell your child often about how much you love them, we will honor and respect you, and we will share their adoption story with them from the beginning. We promise to provide the best emotional and financial support that we can to your child and to provide them with a safe and stable home. We promise to encourage the child to pursue their dreams and we will work with them to make those dreams a reality.  




erik-and-tiffany - 6.-Openness.jpgOpenness

We would love the opportunity to have a continued relationship with you. We hope to have the chance to share with your child about you and your family’s heritage and to share with you about your child’s life. We believe it is best for your child for them to have a chance to have a lifelong relationship with you but we understand this may not be a desire you share. Thank you for taking a moment to learn about our family and for considering us as you make this incredibly difficult decision.