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Hello & Welcome! We are Gil and Irit from Kansas.

We are parents who read bedtime stories, sing The Wheels on the Bus, cheer at school events, and love unconditionally. In addition to ourselves, the child we hope to welcome through adoption will know the love and forever friendship of a big brother, our son, Daniel.

We will welcome a child to our lives and give him or her a good education, stable and safe home, endless support, and the security of knowing his or her story. Most importantly, we will give a child a life full of love and the opportunity to be whomever he or she chooses to be.

As you considering your adoption plan, please know that we admire your strength, love and courage. We are comfortable with as open adoption as you desire and would love to hear your hopes for the future.

This is us

gil-and-irit - This-is-us-photo-1.jpgAs a couple, we share the same vision of life and we enjoy the same activities: movies, listening to music, traveling, and good coffee. Both of us wanted to start a family immediately after we got married and we want very much to expand our family. Although we chose adoption after failed fertility treatments, we do not feel adoption is a compromise. On the contrary, we are so happy with this decision and we feel it fits our family and perception of life and love. We love parenthood, even in challenging moments, and we cannot wait to expand our hearts as we grow our family!

About Gil – by Irit

gil-and-irit - About-Gil-photo-1.jpgGil is a dedicated husband & a loving & active dad. He enjoys funny movies and is super fun to be with! He loves the community in Kansas City, the local soccer team and wants to live here for the rest of his life. Gil is an involved dad and seasoned diaper changer who looks forward to quiet moments of bonding during late night of baby feedings. As a Business Development Manager, he has the flexibility to take time off work to attend events at school or extracurricular activities. He is excited to take one-month paternity leave from work to snuggle and bond with the little one we hope to welcome.

About Irit – by Gil

gil-and-irit - About-Irit-photo-1.jpgIrit loves kid’s activities and is a mom who likes being involved in playgroups and music & art classes. She finds joy in daily activities, like picking up Daniel from school and cooking our family healthy and delicious meals. Irit so look forward to teaching counting and ABC,’s again and to singing fun children’s songs with a little one. She is excited to be a stay at home mom; doting on a little one, cheering for all the firsts and making bedtime special with one-on-one chats & fun stories.


gil-and-irit - Daniel-photo-1.jpgDaniel is excited to make memories with a little sister or brother. He is a happy kid that loves to travel with his grandparents, play outside, build with Legos, play Battleship with Dad and volunteer with Mommy. He loves to read all kinds of books and cannot wait to read books to a little brother or sister! Daniel has great relationships with his cousins and he already talks about playing with his sibling, sharing his toys, and going to school together!



Our home

gil-and-irit - Our-home-picture-1.jpgWe love where we live and feel that Kansas City is truly our forever home! We recently moved into a new home in a safe neighborhood, full of young families and children to play with. Our house is on a cul–de–sac where children can grow up riding their bicycles safely outside. We adopted our dog, Zoe, from a shelter in Dallas and we love to take long walks with her on trails and to cuddle at home! She is so friendly and smart!

Our time together

gil-and-irit - Out-time-togrther-photo-1.jpgWe take birthdays very seriously, and dedicate something special to each birthday, including parties with friends, family activities, special cakes, and presents. On family vacations, we always look for things to do that we can all enjoy together such as fun festivals or boating in the lake!
We celebrate the holidays with our families and within our community and we enjoy big holiday dinners with friends and their children.
We love creating magical childhood moments for Daniel and will find great joy in doing the same for the child we can’t wait to welcome.
FUN FACT: We babysat Daniel’s class birds for a whole summer and it was so much fun. We got to see birds laying eggs and small birdies coming out of the eggs. It was amazing!

Thank you!

gil-and-irit - Thank-you-photo-1.jpgThank you for taking the time to read our profile. We know that life brings along difficult situations, and we wish you well, and most of all peace and blessings as you navigate your path. This was part of our story and it gives pieces from our lives, but there is so much more to us, our story and all we hope to share with a child. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. With lots of love  -Irit & Gil