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John and Jamie


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Dear Birth Family
Hi! We're Jamie, John, Sam and Jack.  We hope this glimpse into our little family helps you to see how much we love and cherish our children, and value the open relationships we share with their birth parents.  We pray you're receiving the love and support you need during this time, and that your path may be filled with peace as you make choices for your sweet little one.  


Our Story

Our relationship began in an unconventional way by meeting at the grocery store!  March 2020 marked 14 happy years together.  John was raised in the Midwest and spent eight years in the Air Force.  He works from home in computer security and loves to bike, fish and camp, and is a big Chiefs fan (before it was cool)!  Jamie was raised in New England and taught third grade before choosing to stay home with our boys.  She loves all things horses, playing the guitar, and soaking up sun on the beach.  We loved our "just us" time, but knew life could be so much sweeter with little ones!  We began trying for a family, and quickly learned from doctors that having biological children was not an option for us.  We were heartbroken, but knew it didn't matter how our children came to us. For us, love was all we needed to be a family.

Our Boys

Enter Sam and Jack :) Sam (6 in August) and Jack (3 in August) were both adopted as infants.  They are all boy, and our home is full of wrestling, trucks, trains, and dinosaurs. Sam loves being a big brother and is quick to protect and nurture Jack.  He loves to teach him new ninja moves and correct his dinosaur names.  Jack is our fearless toddler, a natural little fish and a ray of sunshine.  He is quick to smile, all while stealing your snacks and cuddling in your lap.  Both boys adore babies, and would love another brother to wrestle or a little sister to pamper and protect. We have a wonderful relationship with both Jack's birth mother and birth father, and hope to continue fostering that connection throughout his life. 




j - 20200705_210130Our Family

As a family we love nature hikes and parks, local attractions like World's of Fun and Royal's baseball games, and traveling to the gorgeous Florida coast each year.  We both come from very large families, the majority living close by.  Sundays and Holidays are almost always spent with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.  Our time together is full of friendship and noise, and we find joy surrounding ourselves with family.

Our Promise

Our children are our first priority, and we can promise a home full of love and laughter.  We are eager to develop and maintain a life-long connection between our children and their birth families.  We understand how important that bond can be, and we promise to foster that relationship.  We look forward to beginning this journey together.