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Hi there! We are John and Lindsey Mann. We’ve been married for a little over 6 years and we’ve always dreamed of becoming parents.  Due to medical reasons, we are unable to have biological children, but we’ve always planned to grow our family through adoption too. We’ve seen how beautiful blended families are. John’s sister and four of his cousins are adopted. So, here we are :).


About Us

John and I have a lot of different things that make up our life together:  
  • We love music - blasting it on our record player, playing guitar, and singing at the top of our lungs. 
  • We love to cook (Ok, let’s be real...John cooks, I bake). Our favorite nights are having friends and family over for homemade pizza, Chipotle bowls, and fried chicken...brb, a little hungry right now.
  • We love playing games. And not just video games, we love having people over for game nights. I also am a mean scrabble player (#wordnerd).
  • We love to create. Whether it’s photography or arts and crafts, we find so much joy in creating. The only exception would be glitter...long story ;).
  • And we love our dog, Maya. We are dog people for sure (Sorry, cats! We’re allergic to you.). Maya gives the best cuddles and is a very silly dog. We love having a furry friend in our home and know she will love having a little human in our family.

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In Closing

Our hope for our child is that they will feel loved and known. We want to create space for them to be themselves and enjoy a life of love and a lot of laughter. We can't imagine everything you've been processing the last several months. We are praying for peace to surround you no matter what you decide. Our hope is that this child grows your family and ours. Just as this child becomes a new member of our family, we hope to become new members of yours. We want this child to know the strength of your love, your sweet hugs, and your smile. We are greatly in awe of your sacrifice for your child and are grateful for you to consider our family as an extension of yours.