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Dear Expectant Birth Parents,

Hello! We are Mark and Callie. We can't imagine the whirlwind of emotions you are feeling right at this moment. First, let us say that we respect and admire the courage that you have in exploring an adoption plan. We don't know you, but we have been praying for you and your baby daily. Here is a sneak peek into our lives to see if we are the family you have been hoping for for your child.

We met early in life (Callie was 11, Mark 13) at church and continued to see each other through school and various sporting events. We are now 29 and 31! We are both still avid sports fans, especially baseball, football and golf. We got married in 2010 after finishing college. Mark finished law school in 2013 and we quickly added 2 fur babies to our household. Nixon, is a miniature Australian Shepherd, and Ms. Reagan is the cuddliest little mutt. We were also ready to start a family, but soon learned that wasn’t going to be in the cards for us. We have always had a heart for adoption and it was such an easy decision for us to start our family through adoption. This will be our first child and we can’t wait to welcome a little one into our arms. We eventually see ourselves with a large family, with 3-4 kids. Mark’s dad is an identical twin and 1 of 7 kids so we are no stranger to big families! Your child will be our families’ first grandchild on all sides and our families can’t wait to spoil him or her.


mark-and-callie - Profile-Image-2.jpgCallie was raised in Missouri and has one brother and one sister.  She spends most of her time outdoors running, biking, swimming, or golfing. She also loves to cook, especially bake!  Callie has never met a stranger, has a big heart, and lives life to the fullest in all situations. Callie works part-time as both a dietitian and a personal trainer at a gym but spends most of her time raising money for the local backpack program which sends food home with students on the weekends who need it.  Her part-time schedule will allow her to be a mostly stay at home mom with a day or two being at daycare or with family.


mark-and-callie - Profile-Image-3.jpgMark was born and raised in Missouri in a very loving modern family. He was a state track athlete and president of the French Club in high school (although he can’t speak a lick of the language anymore).  He has three sisters and one brother between his mom, dad, and stepparents. Mark is easy going, hard-working and completely selfless. He enjoys anything outdoors, especially golfing. He has also coached soccer for our friend’s child, Isaiah.  There’s nothing like watching the little ones run in herds for a ball! He loves art and is very active with our local Arts Council. Mark is also active in volunteering roles with his Rotary Club. When he isn’t playing golf, he works as an Attorney in a local law firm.


Our “can’t wait to share with a child” moments

mark-and-callie - Profile-Image-1.jpgWeekends will be spent hiking, exploring, and spending time with family.  Most of our friends have little ones and everything that we do for fun is always kid-friendly. Play dates will happen often during the week between many different friends.  I always imagine a child growing up the same way that we did. We played a lot of sports, specifically soccer, swimming, and softball for Callie, and football and track for Mark. We also had every opportunity to explore other passions such as music and art.  We traveled, usually camping at least once a month with one beach vacation a year. Our friends and family are so excited to add another little to the mix.

Our thoughts on Open Adoption

mark-and-callie - Profile-Image-4.jpgWe believe open adoption is a beautiful thing. From day 1 and on your child will know how much you love them. We want to stay connected before and after the birth with respect to your wishes. We will always be a phone call away. We will share photos, firsts, letters, and meet periodically. Your child will always be a priority in our lives and that includes you!



In Closing

mark-and-callie - Profile-Image-8.jpgWe know this decision does not come lightly, but we can promise you that we would love your child fiercely, give them every opportunity for whatever they want in life, and just be their rock in whatever way that we can.  We look forward to knowing you and building a beautiful relationship that is focused on your child. We are ready to be there for you during your pregnancy in whatever emotional support you may need and hope that our communication can be open so that we are providing the best environment for your baby. Thank you for taking the time to read our profile and considering us for the most incredible job of all.