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Hello! We are Matt and Andrea
We have two adopted daughters, Viviana and Charlotte. We would like to thank you for reading our story. We are not going to tell you we understand what you are going through or how hard of a discussion this must be for you. We would like to offer ourselves as your greatest resources and would give the world to meet you and have the opportunity to give all of our love to a child we have never met.

matt-and-andrea - Family-28.jpgAbout us

Believe it or not, we met on the internet. We talked on the internet for two weeks before we started to talk on the phone. We were both making sure this would be right for us. After a month we met. We knew for months we were going to spend the rest of our lives together. We got engaged after dating for seventeen months and eight months after that we were married! We have been married for four years. We adopted Viviana from birth in December of 2015. We have a Shih Tzu named Brooklyn. Andrea adopted her from a local shelter. 
We want to raise children in the same loving traditions we were raised in. We want to spend nights playing games and summer weekends at the lake. Andrea is now a stay at home parent. We want to have as many children as God will allow us to have and plan on adopting more than once. With Andrea being a twin, we would love to adopt twins if the situation ever came available. We plan to parent in a loving nature and by talking and taking the time out of our schedules to put our children first.
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About Matt (by Andrea)

I knew Matt was the one when I met him. Our first date we walked around Zona Rosa for hours just talking and getting to know each other better. Matt got his degree in business marketing. He is in sales at my family’s business. Matt was raised by a very loving family. He is the youngest of three children. He has two older sisters one is in sales and the other is a Catholic school teacher. Matt’s mother is a retired Catholic school teacher and his father is a retired salesman. Matt’s parents are amazing grandparents. Our daughter is the youngest of five grandchildren. They spend time with our daughter weekly. Matt’s parents make sure they are presences in their grandchildren’s lives.   
Matt is a great man and father! He always puts his family first and is very supportive. Viviana cannot wait for him to get home a night. Before Matt goes to work he makes sure to give me and Viviana a hug and kiss. If he says bye to me first in the morning Viviana yells until she gets her goodbye hug and kisses. It is so cute!



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About Andrea (by Matt)

I love Andrea so much. It might sound crazy but I knew I loved Andrea by our second date and she was the woman I was going to marry. She was raised by a very close loving family. Andrea is the oldest of 40 grandchildren. Andrea’s dad is the oldest of 12 children. Every Sunday her entire family gets together at her grandmother’s house. They play games together and have a large family dinner. Andrea’s dad is a small business owner and her mother is a retired Montessori school teacher. Andrea has a twin brother and has two nieces and two nephews. Andrea’s parents are loving and supportive grandparents. Andrea’s mother comes over once a week to spend time with Andrea, Viviana and Charlotte. 
Andrea is a stay at home mom and always puts her family first! Andrea spends her days playing with Viviana And Charlotte and teaches them something new every day. Andrea received her degree in social work and worked with children in need. She went back to school and became a Montessori teacher and loves spending time educating children. This has helped her be an even more loving and understanding mother.


matt-and-andrea-2020 - image6Viviana  

Having Viviana in our lives has brought us much love and joy. We knew Viviana would be a great big sister! She is very happy and and laughs often. We have worked hard to create a beautiful loving bond with Viviana. Viviana loves to play outside, and to go swimming. She is very vocal and loves to listen to music. She loves playing with her little sister, Charlotte.  We have regular play dates with family and friends. Andrea is a stay at home mom so Viviana and Andrea have a lot of time to play and learn during the day.


Charlotte is such a joy and a free spirit!  We know Charlotte will be a fabulous big sister if given the opportunity!  Charlotte loves to play with her toys, loves playing with her sister and swimming.  Charlotte is a big snuggle bunny and loves being read to! We have regular play dates with family and friends. Andrea is a stay at home mom so Charlotte and Andrea have a lot of time to play and learn during the day.

Thank You

Again we would like to thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. We would love to meet with you and answer any more questions you might have. We admire what you are doing and your bravery. Our prayers are with you and your unborn child.
God Bless,
Matt, Andrea, Viviana and Charlotte 
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