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nick-and-emily - Introduction-ProfileIntroduction 

We believe the birth parents should choose the adoptive family they want to raise their child and we think children benefit from having as many people loving them as possible.  We are committed to an active relationship with you through open adoption if that is something you are interested in exploring.  We are excited that you would consider us as loving parents and we hope that this book will give you a glimpse of who we are and who we hope to be as parents.  






nick-and-emily - Adoption-of-SamAdoption of Samson 

We have always wanted children. We have also always had the desire to adopt at some point in our lives. Once we realized that conceiving our own child was not an option for us, we knew that adoption was the answer to making our dreams of having a family come true.  Samson is our 2-year-old son who also happens to be adopted. Samson joined our family on the day he was born in March of 2018. It is incredible how much this little boy has taken our hearts and become the center of our universe. Everything we do, we do for him. Whether it's donuts on Saturday morning or an indoor pool playgroup in the middle of winter, we make sure that Sam is happy and active. Something we think would make Samson happy and active would be a little brother or sister. We both had siblings growing up and to this day have great relationships with them. We want Samson to have a little brother or sister to grow through life with.    


nick-and-emily - Nick-describes-EmilyNick describes Emily

Trying to describe Emily is like trying to find that one word that is at the tip of your tongue. There are so many great things about this woman, which word would I use to portray the love of my life?! Yes, she is attractive, endearing, and adorably clumsy. These are things people can see for themselves. What people don't see is how truly extraordinary Emily is. She knows exactly what she wants out of life and won't let bad news or unfortunate circumstances stand between her and being a mother. Being a husband to Emily has been a rewarding experience. Being a parent alongside Emily has been life-changing. Emily constantly engages Samson and works on his development. She also keeps me grounded and redirects my focus to her and Sam when I get distracted with work. She is the foundation of our little family.  



nick-and-emily - Emily-describes-NickEmily describes Nick 

Nick and I were friends before we dated, but I knew that he was different from the beginning.  He is one of the most caring men I have had the pleasure of meeting. He is also one of the goofiest. When someone is in need, Nick is the first person to step up and offer help. He is a remarkable listener and can add a sense of calm to a room, like no one I have ever met. Nick is constantly making the people around him laugh by making jokes or just being silly. Nick stepped into his role as a father with confidence and ease. His patience and love for our son has truly amazed me. I love to just watch him interact with Samson; no one can make Sam belly laugh like Nick. Co-parenting with him has been a dream. He is always ready to step in when help is needed. I am so lucky to have met a person like Nick; I can't believe I got to marry him and can't wait to raise our family together!  


nick-and-emily - Emilys-FamilyEmily's Family

Emily's parents have been married for 49 years. Their commitment to each other has been a road map for our own relationship. They are amazing parents and have become even better grandparents to their grandchildren.  They are lovingly referred to as Gigi and Mac. Emily has two older sisters. Liz has been married for fourteen years and has three boys; Henry age 13, Will age 12, and George age 9.  Kate has been married for twelve years and has two sons and two daughters; Ben age 11, Calvin age 8, Eloise age 6, and Maxine age 3.  Emily also has a younger brother, Thomas, who has been married for six years and has one son, Tucker, age 3, and a daughter, Margaret, age 1. Emily has always been close with her siblings and Nick fits right in. Emily's immediate family lives in the Kansas City area and regularly spends time together. We are very close with all of our nephews and nieces and it's important to us to be a part of their lives.  




nick-and-emily - Nicks-FamilyNick's Family

Nick and his sister, Angelea (39), were raised by their parents, William and Marilyn, to be confident and caring people. Their marriage of 41 years instilled the values of a strong nuclear family into their children and the compromise that comes with it. William and Marilyn's deep involvement in their children's sports and after-school activities demonstrated the value of passion, dedication, and patience. These values are being passed on today. William died in 2018 of cancer and is greatly missed. Nick's mom, Marilyn (also known as Nani), lives with Angelea and her new husband, Jake. They live in the Kansas City area and regularly spend time with Nick, Emily, and Samson.  



nick-and-emily - Our-LivesOur Lives

We live in Prairie Village, Kansas. We bought our house a few years ago and have used our skills in woodworking and design to make it a home. We chose to live in Prairie Village because of the amazing school district, proximity to family, and sense of community. The elementary school and park are within walking distance of our house; Emily and Sam visit the park on nice days. We have put a lot of thought into how we want to raise our children and what would make the most sense for us. We both want to be present in our children's life. Since we have adopted Sam, Emily has stopped teaching school and stays at home with him. Nick has continued his career as an estimator with a large construction company. We have intentionally structured our lives to not only have children but to be able to spend as much time with them as we can.  



nick-and-emily - Our-StoryOur Story

Our relationship started as a friendship. We met one summer during college, but it wasn't until a few years later, when the timing was right, that we began dating. We dated for several years before we got married. Our wedding was in the summer of 2014.  Because we have known each other for so many years, we have a deep understanding of each other. We have always been a strong couple and the past few years of struggling to have a baby and becoming parents have only made us stronger. We are truly best friends; we are there for each other no matter what.  



nick-and-emily - TraditionsTraditions

We both come from strong families and are still very connected with them. We have dinner at each of our parent's homes once a week.  Both of our families were extremely supportive of our decision to adopt and Samson has fit perfectly into our lives.  We were both raised in families rich in tradition. For the past 11 summers, we have been going to Breckenridge, Colorado with Emily's family. All 20 of us stay in one house and spend the week hiking, exploring, eating, and enjoying the mountains. Every season seems to come with its own rituals and traditions, but one thing seems to stay constant; we are always surrounded by family.  



nick-and-emily - In-ClosingIn Closing

We are so excited about the possibility of sharing our life with your precious child and hope this profile has given you a glimpse of what that life would be like. We want you to know that if you choose to place your baby with us, we will do everything in our power to help him/her grow up to be a happy, healthy, successful person. We wish you courage in the days ahead and will support you while you make this decision for your child. Thank you for learning more about us and our family.