Adoption Option

For Adoptive Families

Adoption Option, Inc. works with prospective couples and individuals wishing to build their family through adoption. Adoption Option, Inc. is currently accepting adoptive families, including African American and other minority families. Adoption Option, Inc. is a not for profit corporation.

Domestic Adoptions

Domestic adoptions (other than inter-family placements) are primarily of newborns. Prospective adoptive parents need to be at least 24 years old, infertile, and finished with all infertility treatments to begin the adoption process. Waiting times for domestic placements vary greatly because birthparents select the adoptive parents for their babies. An average wait is usually 1½ to 2 years.

International Adoptions

Requirements for international adoption vary from agency to agency and country to country. It is important to identify the agency and the country from which you wish to adopt as early as possible and review their policies and procedures. The average wait for an international adoption varies.

Adoption Option will

  • Provide individual and family infertility counseling
  • Help you determine the best type of adoption for your family
  • Provide education and support for domestic and international adoption
  • Assist you with special concerns involved with international adoptions or special needs children
  • Help you develop an adoption plan
  • Complete home studies (as we are a small agency, Adoption Option does not accept home studies completed by other agencies)
  • Assist you with networking
  • Provide you with an internet web page where birth parents can learn about you
  • Provide individual and family counseling both before and after placement
  • Coordinate your adoption with the birth parents
  • Make court appearances
  • Complete post-placement visits and reports as required
  • Help you develop a parenting plan and assist you with parenting skills
  • Link you to community services and support groups
  • Provide counseling to your adopted child as issues arise through the years
  • Continue to be your resource center

All prospective adoptive parents are given a copy of their completed Home Study for use with other agencies and to promote networking.

Adoptive family services

  • Individual and family counseling
  • Domestic, private and international adoption assistance
  • Adoptive Home Studies for those working with this agency or for those wishing to submit a home study to an out-of-state agency, an international agency, or for a child in state custody
  • Court appearances
  • Networking
  • Internet family profiles
  • Post-Adoption supervision
  • Counseling for the adopted person as issues arise throughout the years
  • Resource Center