Adoption Option


What Justin and Courtney are saying

Justin and I requested the opportunity to share our experiences with Adoption Option, Inc. because we knew, as first time adopting parents, how much we relied on the experiences of others in making our choice of agency to work with. The adoption process involves varying stages of anxiety and we can assure you that, by choosing to work with Hillary Merryfield, you will have placed yourselves in exceedingly competent and compassionate hands.

We were seeking a very specific type of special needs adoption and chose to privately locate our birth family. Because the situation we located was out of state, we were required to work with not only Hillary, but also agencies, adoption professionals and attorneys from both Kansas and other states. We received a disheartening education in the ethical and professional practices that adopting families come into contact with. We also had our choice to work with Hillary Merryfield constantly and consistently reaffirmed.

She has a broad knowledge of the adoption process from social, emotional and legal perspectives. She is on the cutting edge of all adoption-related legislature and variances in requirements by other state governments. She is professional and thorough without ever appearing aloof or disconnected from the business of building families that she does so well. Above all, Justin and I have been most grateful for the education she provided us in the experience of the birth family. She consistently acts as an advocate for those making the courageous choice to find adopting parents for their children. We had initially hoped to pursue a closed adoption. Now, because of Hillary’s celebration of the open adoption arrangement, we are in near-daily contact with our daughter’s birthmother and extended family and couldn’t feel more blessed by our situation.

We wish you the best in your search. Whether you are seeking to act as a birth family or as the adopting couple of a waiting child we assure you that no one could more gracefully guide you on this emotional journey than Hillary Merryfield and Adoption Option, Inc.

What Scott and Wendy are saying

Dreams really do come true! For my husband Scott and me, our dreams became a reality when Hillary and her extraordinary staff helped our family grow with two of the most special gifts. Without Hillary’s guidance, support, and perseverance, Scott and I would have never been able to have the family we always dreamed of having. From the beginning of the process to the very end, Hillary always told us exactly what we could expect every step of the way and was a very professional liaison between us and both of the children’s birth parents. She always had everyone’s best interest at heart and worked to create a situation that worked for everyone. Scott and I have completed our family now with Alec and Alisa but would recommend Hillary and her staff to any couple who wishes to grow their family through adoption.

What Ryan and Leigh are saying

My husband Ryan and I first met with Hillary to talk about adoption in January of 2006. Since that first meeting we had dreamed of the phone call that would change our lives and then on July 25 of 2006 it happened. Hillary called my cell phone and said that she had a young lady sitting in her office who had chosen Ryan and I to adopt her little baby girl that was due in three weeks. I was speechless and absolutely overwhelmed by excitement. Ryan happened to call home right when I was getting off the phone with Hillary and I told him I needed him to come home. No questions asked he headed straight home. Thirty minutes later he walked in the door and I was able to say something to him that I had longed to say for almost 4 years. “IT’S A GIRL!”

Three days later we went to Hillary’s office to meet with the birthmom and her parents. It can be very intimidating going into a meeting knowing that it is going to change your life forever. Hillary made us all feel at ease and everything went very smoothly. When it was time to leave we decided to go to lunch together and were invited to the doctors check-up that was scheduled for that afternoon. We continued to get together with the birthmom over the next couple weeks for dinner and even went shopping together to pick out an outfit for Megan to come home in.

Megan was born 3 weeks later. She is absolutely the most beautiful little girl I have ever seen and we are proud to be her parents. She makes us smile everyday and we have loved every minute we have had with her…even at two in the morning.

We continue to see and talk to Megan’s birthmom and her family. We are so glad that Megan will have a good relationship with them and that she will always know how she came to us. Every time we get together with Megan’s birthmom it is obvious how much she loves Megan. It is amazing that such a young girl could be so courageous and unselfish. She will be a huge part of our lives forever.

None of this would have been possible without Hillary. She has been there for us every step of the way and continues to be there when we have questions. We look forward to working with her again when it is time for Megan to have a baby brother or sister!